Ditch the Scale

Most of us have done it: assigning our self-worth to a number staring back at us on the scale. It’s too high. It didn’t change enough. All the hard work was in vain. We overlook and ignore the tone in our core, the late-afternoon energy we now have, the ability to hold our kids more easily for longer, blinded by the number that isn’t what we wanted it to be.

We’ve all heard it before: ditch the scale. It isn’t a new concept. We’re told it isn’t a true representation of our health and fitness. Yet the number on the scale is our only measurable means of tracking progress. Food diaries and Fitbits are helpful in making lifestyle changes, but how do we know if our nutrition and fitness routines are working?

Seeing a number on a scale drop gives that instant gratification. The change is real – it’s right there in front of us, plainly visible. But often there is no change in the number despite real, drastic changes in our bodies. There’s got to be a better way to measure our progress and track our goals, right?

Right. In addition to the way getting healthy makes you feel, you CAN use real, hard data to track your actual results, and still ditch that one-dimensional, inconsequential reading on the scale. The answer is body composition testing. 

“External measurements don't always present enough data for progress being made inside your body,” says Jenn Thompson, Program Director and Fitness Instructor at Granite Health & Fitness. “While you may have weight coming off your body, this isn't always a clear indicator of good health because you can't distinguish what type of weight is coming off – body fat or lean body mass (muscle).”

Advanced technologies in body composition testing are now giving people access to comprehensive, accurate measurements that can revolutionize the way we track our progress AND the way we view our bodies. Test results are highly customizable and give a true snapshot of inner health, going well beyond the scale.

So ditch the scale, but don’t just stay in the dark when it comes to tracking your progress and measuring results. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just getting started in your health and fitness journey, this comprehensive body composition testing is for you!

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