Design Trends for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

August 3, 2023

by james deutsch, guest contributor

One of your favorite pastimes is whipping up your household-famous Tuscan tortellini as your child keeps busy with a coloring book in another room and Marvin Gaye in the background. Between the smooth groove of the music, your child’s laughter from the distance, and the scent of garlic and parmesan cheese, you feel all's right with your world.


You wish your child had a bit more room to color in the kitchen alongside you, and you could also use more appliances and kitchen accessories designed to make prepping dinner for the family easier. 

Let’s take a look at a few design trends to follow to create a more family-friendly kitchen in 2023.

All-White Kitchen Décor

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Your kitchen isn’t just a food-prepping spot. It’s your family’s activity hub and the room where you love making family memories. 

A top design trend for a family-friendly kitchen is to use a white, bright color scheme, as this will make even the smallest kitchens feel roomier, ultra-relaxed, and more inviting. This means taking advantage of white cabinet styles, as well as keeping your walls, backsplashes, countertops, and even appliances white. Then, to add a splash of color to your kitchen, consider bringing in colorful moments through flower-filled vases and appliances in different colors, like copper or red.

Improved Storage Solutions

Another way to make your kitchen family-friendly is to introduce practical and simple storage ideas to create more space for the family and make your life as the family chef more pleasant and stress-free.

For instance, combine form and function with built-in kitchen seating with drawers beneath the seat. These drawers will be perfect for storing your bulkier and rarely-used kitchen gadgets or even kids’ toys. Using drawers instead of lid-style bench storage will make your contents more accessible. In addition, replace your freestanding paper towel holder with a wall-mount holder to maximize your countertop space and get rid of clutter.

Time-Saving Kitchen Appliances

If you’re a busy parent looking for a way to make cooking more efficient, consider adding time-saving appliances, like a multi-function oven, to your kitchen. The perfect “smart” oven will allow you to do more than just bake lasagna and turkey. You’ll also be able to do roasting, heating, cooking, steaming, air frying, fermenting, and even drying fruits. Steaming is especially popular because it will keep more nutrients and vitamins in your family’s food, so it’s a healthier way to cook.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island

Finally, to transform your kitchen into a multi-purpose space, consider adding an island if you have enough room for one. The island can provide an extra food preparation surface for both you and your little chefs, hold your sink, and be a hobby spot for the kids. It can even be the perfect spot to cook your favorite meals, like macaroni and cheese, while chatting with friends and family. Shoot for an island that is 1.1 meters to 1.4 meters wide and 2 meters to 3 meters long to avoid creating wasted space at the center. Also, allow 1 meter of space or more around the kitchen island.

Create the Perfect Family-Friendly Kitchen Today

Making your kitchen family-friendly is one of the wisest moves to maximize space and bring your family together this year. With the right design, your kitchen can become a wellspring of fond family memories for years to come.

Consider incorporating the above-listed design trends for a family-friendly kitchen, ranging from a white design scheme to handy storage solutions, time-saving appliances, and a kitchen island. In no time, you can create the heart of your home you’ve always wanted.

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