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“Seamlessly Bringing It All Together”

May 1, 2019| by stephanie toews

We caught up with Craig Kahnke, owner of CK Tech & Security, the company our homeowner’s selected to work on this month’s featured home, to find out more about his passion for his locally owned business.

Craig, originally from Winnett, MT, joined the Air Force and worked on U-2 Spy planes after high school. After four years, he says, “I got out and stumbled into the industry by taking a job with Brinks Home Security.” He worked in the industry for about ten years while attending MSUB and graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. In 2012, he decided to start CK Tech with his wife, Libby.

When asked why Craig chose this industry, he says at first it was out of a basic need for a job. “I quickly realized I liked it a lot. There are never two days alike, and I get to meet many people and share my passion with them.” Craig enjoys working with his mind and hands to solve complex problems with systems saying, “The freedom to be creative with each smart home design keeps me excited every day. Residential smart home technology is always evolving, and it’s a lot of fun to stay on the cusp and to introduce the Billings market to the latest technology available.”

Some of this technology includes the products and know-how to link anything you plug in to a simple app allowing you to control your alarm, TV, audio/video, thermostat, garage, pool, and lights remotely. Whether you’re a small business owner or homeowner CK Tech provides a number of services including custom security systems, smart home and theater solutions for home or business, and alarm monitoring for intrusion, fire, flood, and temperature.

It’s clear that Craig has a passion for the industry and the large variety of services CK Tech provides sets them apart from their competitors. He says, “Not many companies in our market offer this wide of a range of services. We are also committed to providing the highest level of service and availability to our clients. We are the highest rated provider of services in Billings and are very proud of that.”

As part of this locally owned business’ commitment to serving our community, Craig encourages everyone to be proactive about home security and to call with any questions they may have about home technology.

CK Tech is proud to be the provider of security and technology for our May home feature. Craig says, “The combination of security and entertainment helps provide this home with the highest level of comfort for years to come.”

Outside, you will find the blanket of security services for the residence. The system offers 24/7 protection with instant push notifications to all mobile devices, which means there will never be a worry about missing the local wildlife who visit the pond behind the property.

Inside, you find the fun and user-friendly audio/video system designed by CK Tech to bring everything together using the ever-popular Control4 platform. Adjust the lights, temperature, TV channel or Pandora station ALL from the same app on your phone or touchscreen on the wall. 

Keeping the signal around the house at full bars no matter where you are is the Luxul Whole-Home WiFi system that broadcasts to mobile devices from each side. 

To round out the wow factor, this home includes a basement theater with TiVo 4K Whole-Home DVR Services that bring their existing cable services to the 21st century and saves on the monthly bill.

Originally printed in the May 2019 issue of Simply Family Magazine

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