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Choosing the Right Online Teacher: Insights From Moms

January 9, 2024

by tiffany young, guest contributor

More parents are customizing their kids’ education than ever before, choosing their schools, curriculums, and teachers. It’s not uncommon for parents to opt for a hybrid model of homeschooling topped off with online teachers for more specialized subjects.

If you’re considering something similar for your family, or simply arranging extra education to teach them new skills, picking the best teacher is critical. We’ve prepared a few qualities to watch for when selecting an online instructor.  

Creativity Within Lesson Plans

It’s often difficult for students to stay engaged and active when sitting in front of a screen. This adds a layer of importance to creative lesson planning, as educators need to keep it compelling enough to hold attention while covering the required content. 

Not only that, but creativity within the lesson can be very helpful for a student. This is because creativity helps boost:

  • Motivation
  • Desire to learn
  • Interest
  • Productivity
  • Excitement

When searching for an online instructor, be sure that they are creative and innovative in their teaching styles and lesson plans.

A Willingness to be Flexible and Adapt 

Being an online instructor requires a certain amount of flexibility and ability to adapt, as it is the nature of the job. Demonstrating these qualities is also beneficial to the teacher and student, especially in unforeseen or difficult circumstances.

 Having a flexible educator is crucial for your student when: 

An educator's adaptability and adjustability can be discovered upon meeting them. You can ask questions about how they run their classroom and what they do when unprecedented situations arise. 

They’re Easy to Communicate and Work With 

Online schooling requires additional communication, as educators are not always available to meet in person. It’s not only essential but also convenient to have a teacher who is easy to communicate and work with. This is because:

  • You and the instructor can be open about how to best help your student with their education
  • You and the instructor can brainstorm how to have household fun while supporting online learning
  • You can let the instructor know If there are hiccups with any assignments or why there are missed days

Through seamless communication, the educator can know what is going on in your child's life and their learning needs, thus enhancing learning for your scholar.

They Hold the Best Interest of Your Child 

Overall, your students' education is the most important aspect when looking for a teacher. You want to be sure that the instructor is there to teach what will support their overall happiness, health, and success in life. You can tell the instructor holds the best interest of your child if:

  • They understand and address your child’s specific needs and wants
  • They emphasize WHY what they teach will be helpful and important
  • They care about preparing your student for what comes after the last day of class

If and when you interview them initially, you can be sure to ask them about their curriculum, and how it supports these points.

They Maintain Certain Qualifications

You probably wouldn’t want just anyone to educate your child. Having proper qualifications and certifications to teach is a must. Upon meeting the online instructor, be sure they are:

  • Certified to teach
  • Qualified to teach the subjects they will be covering with your student(s)
  • An experienced teacher
  • Safe to work with students

For the best learning experience, having a teacher with proper education and training is vital. Learning this information is easy to accomplish when looking for the right online teacher

Will Fit the Unique Needs of Your Student

Children often have contrasting needs when it comes to how they learn. Some students:

  • Have a hard time sitting still
  • Don’t like school
  • Struggle academically
  • Have a need for in-person interaction

In addition to unique struggles, every student learns differently. Some children learn better by seeing, hearing, or problem-solving. Others learn better by talking about what they are learning or experiencing a hands-on approach. 

It’s helpful to find an educator who can identify their learning style, and is willing to work on their level. This will make an impactful difference for the student.

Demonstrates Passion and Charisma for Learning

How an educator feels about what they do will likely be manifested in how they teach. If they feel bored with the job, their lessons may feel uninteresting. However, if they are excited and passionate about learning, they will make their lessons feel that way. 

When your student has a passionate and charismatic teacher, it will likely help them to feel:

  • More passionate and excited
  • More engaged during instruction
  • More inspired

The way an educator teaches can shape the learning experience of your scholar for the better. 

Making the Right Call for Your Child

With more teachers than ever before available online, it’s a good idea to identify the qualities in a teacher that matter most to you and your child. Having the right educator will make a tremendous difference in their learning path, and can help inspire them long after the last day of class.

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