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Balancing Discipline with Love

August 24, 2020 | by colleen thompson, guest contributor

The matter of discipline is often viewed as harsh treatment or spanking. However, let us examine discipline in a broader sense. The Oxford Pocket Dictionary defines discipline as orderly and obedient behavior. It is also described as training that produces obedience and self-control as well as, punishment given to correct a person.

Since my topic is Balancing Discipline with Love, I would rather focus on training, because if discipline is properly executed, punishment would not be necessary. Discipline is an essential component of Parenting. Children need training in order to display obedient and controlled behavior. Training however, should be executed in a firm yet loving manner.

Discipline is also defined as a branch of instruction or learning. Let us instruct our children in love; they in turn will respond more positively. Sometimes our children display negative behavior which may lead to disappointment and anger. In times like these we need to practice self-control. When all those emotions start to rise it’s easy to snap, but we are called on to go deep and find the core, which is love.

Love is the standard which should be used to guide positive parenting. J. Hampton Keathley, III in his writings: Biblical Foundation for Child Training shared the following:

  • Love without discipline produces spoiled children
  • Discipline without love produces discouragement and rebellion
  • Teaching and discipline without example produce unbelief and rebellion, causing mixed signals
  • Example without teaching produce instability and insecurity.

Our children need to feel a sense of balance and security which will lead to trust. They want to feel loved. I invite you to read Psalm 103: 8-14 and apply principles.

Let all parents heed the call of Keathley, III as we balance discipline with love. “Everything that parents do in the training of their children must be done in an atmosphere of love.”  

Food for Thought

  • When a child is allowed to do absolutely as he/she pleases, it will not be long until nothing pleases him/her.  - Anonymous
  • Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy. – Robert A. Heinlein

Guest Writer

Colleen Thompson is a Jamaican Writer. Some of her work are published at Smash words and at Amazon. Trained in Education she now spends her time following her passion for reading and writing. She loves nature likes music and enjoys using words to paint pictures.

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