Back to School @ Billings & Laurel Public Schools | August 22, 2019

How wonderful that we’re kicking off the new school year on a Thursday – easing back in versus diving in full force, for the win! Here are a few things you can do to get things started on a positive note:

  • Even though we’re all making the most of these last few weeks, start the bedtime readjustment sooner rather than later in the month.
  • Get all the ducks in a row: sports physicals done, orientations attended, school supplies purchased, first day of school ensemble planned.
  1. Don’t be afraid, parents, to hang post-orientation until your kiddo feels confident with navigating their schedule and getting into their locker.
  • Get the planner and family calendar back up and running. The organization we start a new school year with is so lovely. So much energy…
  • Embrace your inner meal-planner: Breakfasts to fuel the mornings, easy-yummy lunch ideas, and a mapped-out dinner plan as the busy-ness prepares to settle back in.
  • For littles anxious about the separation: arm them with a family photo to tuck into their desk or gift them a locket with said pic.
  • For olders, find ways to make their locker a haven – magnets, pics, decorations…
  • Embrace the clean slate that a new year offers.