Ask the Author: Aimee Andren

With her first book (a two-in-one delight) in print and her next one well on its way, local children’s author, Aimee Andren, took us on a journey from how she got the ball rolling, to her sources of inspiration, and some words of wisdom for those out there dreaming this same dream.

Q: What set you on this path of writing children’s books?

A: Writing books with kids in mind is just a lot of fun, and there are so many avenues you can take. Funny, educational, emotional, etc. I have enjoyed writing articles for years but have recently decided to focus on books for children.

Aside from my own children inspiring me, I just love the idea of tapping into the things kids find silly, and the things parents can get so worked up over, which in hindsight are often really funny.

Q: How did you get from the dreaming/imagining phase to an illustrated and printed book?

A: Writing is something I think many people are talented at, and a lot of us love it, but the illustrating and publishing part definitely had a learning curve for me. I had some hits and misses with illustrators, but eventually found one I loved, who illustrated my first two books beautifully. Since I had very specific ideas in mind, I chose to hire my own illustrator and publisher, but there is the option of searching for an agent to find a publishing company for your picture book, in which case they will choose the type of illustrations they want. The upside is it less expensive upfront for you. There is great information out there, and the ability to sell your own books through Amazon, B&N, etc., has never been easier, so if you have an interest in writing, there's really no reason not to go for it.

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