9 Ways to Have Fun with Your Family

October 17, 2022

by kevin gardner, guest contributor 

Are you trying to shake up your usual family routine? Are the kids complaining of boredom? If so, maybe you need to try some new activities together. Here are nine ideas.

1. Walk Through Your Neighborhood

Here's one activity you don't need to travel or spend money on. Simply put on comfortable shoes, gather everyone, and head out the door. Take a walk around the neighborhood and see who you meet. Maybe you can find a neighbor to start a conversation with. Bring your dog or volunteer to take a neighbor's pooch for some exercise.

Make a scavenger hunt to liven up your walk. Create a list of objects or places you may find: a red car, a leaf, or a house with blue curtains. See who can find the most things or finish the list first.

2. Study Your Family Ancestry

Do your kids know much about their great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, or out-of-town family members? There's no time like the present to start preserving family stories or learning about your roots. You can call older family members to ask questions, search for 1950 census records online, and create a family tree.

3. Play Video Games

Do your kids like to play games online? Have you ever joined them? Instead of watching from the sidelines, have your children teach you about the games they enjoy. It is good for them to take the lead and show you something new — it teaches them organizational and leadership skills. It probably also teaches them patience! Learning how to play your kids' games helps you understand more about their interests.

4. Design an Emergency Plan

Emergency preparedness is critical for every family. However, creating a plan and assembling supplies can be a tedious chore. Make it more exciting and fun by having everyone participate.

When children are involved in meaningful, high-level activities like creating an emergency plan, it gives them a sense of importance. It also creates a feeling of ownership and makes them more likely to participate.

5. Clean the House

Oh, boy! It's time to clean the house (said almost no one). It's a necessary chore, but it can be drudgery. Can you make a game of it? Set a timer to see who can pick up in their rooms the fastest. Put chores in a hat and have family members draw them out. Trading is allowed and encouraged if it makes people happier. Reward everyone with ice cream, a movie or other special activity when you finish the job. And, having music jamming in the background is always a plus. 

6. Watch Old Reruns

Do you have favorite cartoons or movies you loved as a child? Introduce them to your children. They may discover that they enjoy the same shows you did. They may also tease you for watching such silly movies, but that's OK — they learned something about your past.

7. Paint and Hide Rocks

Some communities have active groups of rock hiders and seekers. People choose small stones that fit in the palm of a hand. They paint them with colorful designs, faces or inspirational messages. Then they hide the rocks in public places for others to find.

Look on social media to see if anyone has a group in your area. Members often post pictures of the rocks they painted or found and give hints about where they hide them. If your community doesn't have such a group, you can start one.

8. Cook Together

Have family members vote on a meal. Choose what dishes to serve. You can go grocery shopping together to select ingredients. Even small children can help by setting the table, washing vegetables, or serving cold food.

If you feel extra generous, take leftovers to a neighbor, friend or shut-in. Your children can learn the joy of sharing.

9. Go Somewhere New

Some of the best memories you have with your family won’t happen at home but rather in an unfamiliar place while traveling. Whether your going to a city nearby for the first time or going across the country to a place such as Texas you are bound to have fun. There are plenty of affordable places near Texas like the marriott odessa and many more places. 

Nothing's better than spending time with your family. If you are in an activity slump, don't be afraid to branch out and try something new.

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