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7 Free Learning Websites For Kids

November 10, 2021

by nancy howard, guest contributor

Digital learning has almost replaced traditional education and its learning paths. All required resources like books, videos, audios, etc are available online. Moreover, most of the qualitative learning websites for kids still remain free and this post is dedicated to the websites where the best writers online create useful content for children. 

There are several points you need to consider before choosing the right learning website for your kids:

  • the range of online activities
  • topics of the content
  • customer support
  • parental control

It is quite easy to get lost in the range of e-learning websites available for free but we hope this compilation will ease your choice as you find the right fit for you and your children.

Discovery kids

You might have heard of the TV channel named Discovery Kids. It shows diverse useful programs for kids related to our world, its flora, fauna, and so on. This company also promotes a free learning website where young users can find different developing games, videos, and books available online mostly for free, depending on your location.

Time for kids

This is a classic website that contains numerous articles related to different topics. What is notable about this e-learning platform is that each user can select the user type: a kid or a grown-up, by typing their age. If we talk about child content, it is suitable for kids ages 1 to 6 years old. All these articles go through writing judge and writing service reviews to make the content 100% appropriate for kids.

Sesame Street

This website is a great explicating digital tool for children of different ages and interests. It contains so much content - learning videos, different types of games and interactions, online drawing tools, customer support, etc. All these activities are focused on defining the interests of each kid and helping them grow and develop their skills.

PBS Kids

This e-learning platform offers an extended range of activities for kids - entertaining and learning games, coloring, videos that teach kids how to behave themselves in society, how to be good friends, how education is important, etc. Moreover, it has a health section where parents and children can read more about the most widespread illnesses and allergies and how to prevent them when kids are alone. 


This learning website is suitable for children between ages 1-8. It offers kids different activities like games, videos, articles, tasks that are focused to reflect thinking and logic. These games can teach children an incredible variety, depending on their age and skill levels. It is important to provide children with a comprehensive development from an early age so that they can freely choose where and what to study when they grow up.


This digital learning platform is concentrated on teaching children science and its different sides. Initially, children listen to a particular lesson including different videos, pictures, games, and so on. Then kids have to go through a test or a quiz related to the subject of the lesson to consolidate their knowledge. Each kid can choose a lesson suitable for their age. Additionally, Makemegenius offers historical articles to teach children about the key personalities in the history of their country and the whole world. 


Well, this e-learning website for kids is really impressive. Generally, all activities are related to design and its diverse forms and interpretations. It offers such directions as fashion design, interior design, architecture, product design, and many others. All kids have to do is to choose the direction they are keen on and get access to a huge pool of information related to the chosen topic like articles, stories of famous designers, historical facts, and so on.

Consider the interests of your kids

The variety of free learning websites for kids is extremely vast and the choice becomes harder and harder for modern parents. However, they should remember that the core and decisive factor is the preferences of their kids. Talk more to kids to find out what their interests are, what they are willing to do, and what things or activities are most apt to engage them. Hence, you can easily choose one of the counted above e-learning platforms to enable the growth of your children.

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