6 Ways to Brew Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

April 16, 2019| Sofia Lockhart

Everybody loves their coffee a certain way and some people have very specific preferences when it comes to how their cup of Joe should be brewed. But even the most avid coffee lovers out there might be surprised that there is at least one type of brewing that they have yet to experience. Depending on the process, the resulting coffee will have different properties, textures, and tastes. Here are all the amazing ways you can brew that perfect cup of coffee:

1. Espresso - Brewing Under Pressure

One of the best-loved brewing methods is the one used by espresso machines. While there is a vast array of options when it comes to the machines, the principle is the same for all of them - pressurized water goes through a chamber of finely-ground coffee. When the coffee grounds are hit with pressure and heat, the active substances are released easily and efficiently. The resulting coffee is then filtered and the end result is a very small quantity of extra-strong coffee. It is rich, extremely tasty, and always strong enough to give you a boost. It is typically served in minute cups and drank in a single sip. Espresso is clearly a secret weapon.

2. Turkish Coffee

Making Turkish coffee is one of the simplest brewing processes out there in terms of equipment, but it does require an essential element - finely ground coffee. The coffee must be ground so finely that it gets to a powder-like texture. This is added to a pot of water just before it starts to boil and then stirred patiently until the infusion is complete. Please note that the decanting process will be incomplete, but this gives Turkish coffee a particularly rich texture. It is served in small transparent cups and savored.

3. Drip Coffee

Filter coffee is probably the most popular brewing methods out there. Everybody has used a coffee filter at least once, so the process should sound familiar. The coffee grounds are placed inside a filter and then boiling water starts pouring over it. The water remains in contact with the coffee until it passes through the filter, during which it takes out the active substances. The result is a neatly filtered cup of coffee, which is tasty, but usually not very strong. As such, it can be served in a larger cup or even a mug.

4. Cold Brew

This is an entirely different way to brew coffee because it does not require heat. An increasingly popular method of preparation with cafes, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grinds for extended periods of time. Cold filtered water is used to slowly drip through the fresh grinds. It can take from 12 to 36 hours to brew coffee this way, but the end result will have a unique taste and a very fine aroma. Its greatest advantage is that it gives people with stomach problems a viable way to enjoy a good cup of coffee because it comes with none of the acidity or bitterness of traditional coffee. Even though it takes much longer to make, cold brew can be easily stored in the fridge.

5. French Press

Yet another popular brewing method, the French Press, is an excellent device for those looking for a rich cup of coffee. The coffee grinds are placed inside the transparent pot and boiling water is poured over them. They must then be left to steep for a couple of minutes, after which the filter is pressed down slowly to separate the grinds. During this step, the aroma is also released from the grinds. The result is a strong cup of coffee with a medium body. It is not as dense as an Espresso or a cup of Turkish coffee, but certainly denser than filtered coffee.  

6. Moka Pot

If you do not want an espresso machine taking up valuable counter space at home, then a Moka pot is your ideal choice because it follows a similar principle, but the device is much smaller. The Moka pot also uses pressurized water to take the flavor out of the coffee grinds, but it uses a far lower pressure than an espresso machine, almost 10 times lower. The result is a rich and strong cup of coffee with an ample body, which should be served in small cups. Like espresso, it will give you a very strong boost in energy.

As you can see, there are many ways to brew a cup of coffee and each of them has its own way to take this amazing beverage to new lengths. Try a strong shot of espresso, a big mug of filter coffee, a cup of tasty Turkish coffee, or a delightful cup of cold brew. Experiment with all of them to find your favorite and then brew the perfect cup of coffee for you!