5 Ways to Keep Your Family Toasty Warm During Trick-or-Treating

October 24, 2019 | by tess dinapoli

Even though kids look forward to trick or treating all year, wandering the many blocks of their neighborhood while freezing in the late October night air can be a drag for parents. While kids might have an easier time staying warm since they’re running from house to house for their sugar fix, there are still a few ways you can keep your family warm during this fun fall holiday. 

Hot Drinks Help

Fill a thermos up with something hot and delicious before hitting the streets to trick or treat. Sipping on a hot drink while you walk around with your kids will help you stay warm. Hot chocolate or warm apple cider is a great choice for little ones who want something warm to drink, too!

If you choose a hot coffee, you’ll get the added bonus of having enough caffeine to keep up with their sugar rush! Just make sure that your hot drink is in stainless steel or something similar to keep it warm.

You may also want to consider taking along or starting out with a warm treat. Warmed baked goods are a great way to get your own sugar rush and eating can help you stay warmer longer. Filling up on hot food before you head out can also help you stay warm. And who doesn’t love a hearty fall soup?

Use Layers

It’s easier to stay warm when you’re not dressing up. Adding layers to your outfit will help you stay toasty no matter how long you’re out gathering candy with the kiddos. Adding a fleece jacket or a cute vest on top of a long sleeve t-shirt will be sure to help you stay warm. After what feels like the thousandth street of trick or treating when you start to get extra toasty, you can strip off one of your layers!

Even if you want to dress up in a fun costume for trick or treat, you can incorporate warm outerwear into the costume idea. Add flannels for a lumberjack look or a sherpa for a mountain hiker look. There are so many fun ways you can use layers to stay warm and look festive for fall.

Pack Blankets

While you likely know the importance of packing a lot of blankets if you have little kids, it may not occur to you to pack blankets to trick or treat with older kids. Dig your old stroller out of the back of the garage and load it up with blankets. Your kids will love wrapping one around them while they make the long trek back home and you can wear one while you wait for them to collect their candy.

The blanket-packed stroller can also work double duty for snacks and very heavy candy-filled buckets!

The Right Costumes

No matter what your kid wants to trick or treat as you can make the costume work for chilly temperatures. For full-body costumes, you can layer them up by adding sweatpants or thermals underneath.

If your kid wants to be something a little more summer-friendly for the fall festivities, like Moana or Ariel, you can still make the costume work. Adding a skin-colored full-body leotard underneath can help keep the child warm and still give them that tropical look they’re going for! 

Get Serious About Heat Packs

Heat packs, boot warmers, glove heaters. Whatever you call them, stock up on them before trick or treating. There’s a reason these are one of the most popular items for hunters and hikers to keep around. They’re available virtually anywhere, won’t weigh you down, and will work extra hard to keep you warm even when trick or treat temps dip way low. They’re designed to give off heat evenly and they don’t usually overheat, making them a safe option even for smaller kids!

Stick some in your kids’ shoes, your gloves, or anywhere else you can think to put them (hoodie pockets, anyone?). You can usually find them at big box stores or outdoor supply stores and they’re so easy to use. Most are one-time use, but you may be able to find multi-use ones for a little extra money.

Trick or treating is just one of many fun fall festivities. Explore October’s issue to learn about more exciting things going on this month! 

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