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5 Meal Ideas with Nutrients Your Family Needs

August 5, 2022

by mikkie mills, guest contributor

Planning food for the whole family can often feel like a herculean effort. Between kids turning their noses up at key nutrients and the often time-consuming act of cooking, it can be all too easy to let meals turn into tornadoes of stress. You are not alone in this undertaking, as many parents undergo challenges finding ways to balance plates. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for healthy meals, here are five meal ideas that you need to keep in your back pocket.

1. Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast can be a tough meal to manage. Whether your kids sleep in and need a meal on the go or you want to give them a boost of energy, breakfast smoothies can be a great option. Start with one part unsweetened milk, a half a part nut butter, a half part of frozen berries and one part kale or spinach. Blend it up and it’s ready to go. You can even blend again with something extra for the adults if you need the extra boost from beneficial Thrive side effects. With this quick breakfast fix, you’ll give your kiddos the nutrients they need to power through the day.

2. Skillet Grilled Sandwiches

If you or your kids are tired of nut butter and jelly sandwiches, turn to a more exciting version of a sandwich. Add sliced tomatoes, sliced meat, cheese and hummus or pesto to bread and throw it on a skillet with a bit of nonstick spray. Turn that ordinary sandwich into a toasty, delicious wonder. The toasted bread, melted cheese, and warmth of the sandwich will be a crowd favorite in no time. Incorporating different variations keeps this sandwich exciting for the whole family.

3. Grilled Kabobs

Grilling is a great option to add flavor without additional calories. Not only can you add in smokiness, but you can add some summer fun to any meal with the grill. If you need a delicious dinner that is sure to excite the whole family, grill up chicken and your favorite summer vegetables. Pair it with your favorite summer side dish for a meal full of fun. Don’t forget to soak the skewers in water to avoid excessive burning and always prioritize safety with kids and the grill. While this summer option may take a bit longer to prepare, you won’t have any complaints about vegetables with this delectable, smoky meal.

4. Sheet Pan Salmon

If you want a meal with easy cleanup, you need to try your hand at sheet pan meals. With all of your ingredients prepared on a single pan, you make dinner clean-up a breeze. Get some salmon, marinade it in a teriyaki or lemon marinade and then add some savory starches and veggies. With a knife, a cutting board, a single pan, and your oven, you can make a delicious, nutrient-rich meal in no time. This can be repeated with chicken or other lean proteins and a variety of vegetables and starch combinations to keep the dinner menu fresh and interesting.

5. Avocado Pasta

If you want to give your family essential nutrients, trying avocado pasta is a must. Blend up an avocado with leafy greens like spinach or kale, pine nuts, garlic, basil and olive oil. Season it with salt and pepper to give you the most amazing pesto blend you’ve ever tasted. Pair this with a lean protein, a protein-enriched pasta or white beans to transform it into a mouthwatering meal. If you are having trouble getting your kids to eat more vegetables, you can even blend up some other green veggies and hide them in this awesome sauce.

While planning for meals can be a challenge for any family, you can make your life easier by having these five amazing recipes on hand. Not only are they versatile, but they are also nutrient-rich and delectable.

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