5 Great Ways To Teach Your Kids Manners

As a parent, it is one of our missions in life to raise our children into great adults. Every parent wants to see their child grow into an amazing human being. The things our children see and are taught when they are small will influence the person they grow up to be. With that being said, young kids need to be taught about manners as young as possible. It is easier to form new habits than it is to break old ones. If you stop and really think about it, the entire future depends on how the current generation raises the next one.

Stop the Spread Of Germs

Anyone with young children knows first hand how gross they can really be. You know I'm right. This is exceedingly evident with each new bug your kid brings home. It seems as though anytime a large group of children are around each other, germs will be spread. This is because many children are not taught the proper way to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. They need to be taught to sneeze and cough into the crook of their arms. Doing so ensures that the germs aren’t spread when the child touches any surface. Whenever a child sneezes or coughs, show them the proper way to cover their mouths. Since young minds are like sponges, they should pick up the method fairly quickly with proper instruction.

Say Please and Thank You

When talking with your child, make it a habit to say please and thank you. If you ask them to grab something for you, really emphasize the words “please” when requesting the item, and “thank you” when you receive it. When your child asks for a snack, request for them to say “please” before fetching it. Even if your child is not verbal yet, they will begin to associate the world please when they are asking for things and thank you for when they receive it. Before a child can talk, they can still understand a lot. 

Don’t Play With Food

Table manners are very important for a person as they age. It can be a deal breaker for business deals, dates, and more. Nobody enjoys eating around someone that has nasty eating habits. It can be very off-putting for many people. You may not think the eating habits a toddler has can grow with them into adulthood, but studies say otherwise. Start off small by taking away the plate when the child begins to play instead of eating. Then teach them to not huddle over their plates and to sit up straight. As they age, they will be able to understand how to chew with their mouth closed and to keep elbows off the table. Remember, children are always watching. Show them the proper ways to eat at a table so that they have someone to mimic.

Put Away Toys

Messiness can be a very hard habit to break as an adult. It can be an embarrassing trait to have when someone enters adulthood. Do you know someone that constantly has a messy car or living space? Do they have clothes, trash, or just junk everywhere all the time? It makes you wonder if they were taught how to properly pick up after themselves as a child.

At the end of each day, teach your child that they need to pick up their toys before bed. Have a designated space for the toys to go. It also helps to have a special clean up song to sing with them during the activity. They will begin to see it as a game instead of a chore. Doing this task every night will begin to build a positive habit instead of a negative one.


Lastly, the easiest habit for children to develop is to simply smile. Always encourage your child to smile at others by smiling at them! Not only is it good manners, but it also has health benefits! Did you know that smiling can actually improve someone’s mood and lower their blood pressure? Now that is a good thing to pass down to your little one!

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