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4 Benefits of Raising a Close-Knit Family

October 20, 2022

by kevin gardner, guest contributor

During life, many people come and go, but family sticks around. They are the glue, holding firm by your side through the good and bad days. Of course, there are days where you are each other's frustrations, but then it swings back around and you remember how grateful you are to have someone always at the ready to answer the phone and listen or pop on over to be with you in the big and little moments, and everything in between.

Close-knit families have these bonds, choosing to support and lift one another. As parents, with the daunting task of raising your family in front of you, how do you encourage these relationships and help them become strong and loving? It's not a simple task. It requires being intentional in the desire to create a close-knit family, determining what that looks and sounds like, and following through on those intentions. Make no mistake, it demands work on the adults' part. These efforts pay off in the end; let's look at some of the benefits sowed by raising a tight-knit family. 

1. You Create a Support System

During good and bad times, it's nice to have a cheering section in your corner. Siblings can learn to love and encourage each other during various stages of life (and will surprisingly even have each other's backs in the thick of their angsty, bickering youth). They're there when someone suffers illness, providing kind words, meals and gestures. They are there for the games, the appointments, the breakups and makeups. They are an ear to listen, a shoulder lean on, and the provider of reality checks. 

Finally, close-knit families embrace the good times, celebrating the gift of engagement rings, wedding planning, and children's births. Those happy moments become part of the family's lives, not just for that person. 

4. You Foster Emotional Development

Control, empathy and acceptance begin at home with parents modeling and reinforcing behaviors. When a little child starts a tantrum, parents can acknowledge the feelings and help them through the moment. A fight over toys can lead to fierce emotions. However, what if the parents intervene, calmly stop the argument and have the kids work it out together? This act empowers siblings to learn to work out conflicts on their own, a skill that aids them in life later.

Kids can learn to express sadness and care for others. Parents can praise using kind words and offer to help. They may also encourage ways to conquer anxiety and handle difficult situations. Siblings eventually become part of this emotional development, learning to work with one another and demonstrate those same skills. The other siblings witness leadership and empathy.

Raising a close-knit family offers kids and parents many benefits in life. The family provides a support system for good and hard times. It also empowers them to work with others and manage difficult situations.

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