'New Year, New You' BODYROK Style

January 2019

by katie jones backer

Calling all Pilates pros, and newbies, alike! Have you heard? BODYROK has just opened on Billings' West End (located next to City Brew and City Vineyard). Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but now that I have, I can’t WAIT to get in there and start ROKing it! Let me tell you why.

Megan Stovall, the owner of BODYROK, happily shared about the new studio and her hopes for its uplifting presence for those who visit. Megan and her family are from Billings and wanted to give back by bringing this unique way of fitness to all of us. “My brother, Jake Irion, and his wife Tina started BODYROK seven years ago,” Megan revealed. “Their love for fitness and healthy lifestyles sparked the idea. They now own ten studios all over the country (Billings is their fourth franchisee).”

As you can see, Megan has come from a family who values healthy living, so it is clear why BODYROK was a natural fit for her as well. She admitted this was not something she could do alone. Thanks to a supportive husband and a highly specialized fitness partner, Jennifer Hull, BODYROK in Billings became a reality. Megan smiled, saying, “I couldn't ask for a better partner. We always say that I'm the BUSINESS and she's the FITNESS, and we both have the PASSION. We complement each other well and are honored to work together in this endeavor!”

Many in the Billings fitness community will recognize the name Jennifer Hull, and for a good reason. She is well known and respected in our community for her experience in positively impacting fitness whether it be at a local gym, studio, or high school, where she currently teaches Health and P.E., modeling healthy living to her students beyond the textbook.

               So, let’s get down to it. WHAT IS BODYROK?

 Megan defined BODYROK as “Pilates re-designed!” The classes are 40 minutes which she described as “full body, high intensity, low impact workouts, on our customer reformer, which is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and boost your metabolism.” Sounds great, right?

What’s a reformer, you say? Seeing the pictures, or better yet, visiting the studio, allows it all to become so much clearer. It is a definite MUST TRY as you tackle your New Year Resolutions.

 As you visit, you'll learn that “BODYROK is not just a fitness studio that offers a Pilates class,” Megan explained, “it is much more special. The workout itself is innovative, inspiring, and for people at any level of their health journey.” They welcome newcomers and are intent on sharing their passion for fitness with others. Megan explained the “reformer” technology, “The BODYROK reformer is the new standard in hybrid Pilates and exclusive to BODYROK. It is perfectly designed by top engineers to define and sculpt. The Billings studio has a three-stage lighting system that guides our clients through the beginning, middle, and end of each class. Each class ROKS with its own curated playlist, so clients get lost in their workout.” If you’re feeling the after-holiday blues or need a little cardio burn after all those Christmas cookies, this is a great option. You’ll be surrounded by people of all levels, with the same intent: Bettering themselves in 2019. Beyond that, you’ll love the staff.

 Megan was particularly pleased to share about her instructors. “The Billings BODYROK team has carefully been chosen to provide an experience unique to our clients. Our instructors are skilled at motivating, teaching, and inspiring others. The entire BODYROK team is a group of positive, kind, and like-minded individuals that want to share their love of fitness and healthy lifestyles with Billings.” Having staple community members such as Megan and Jennifer at the helm, it’s no wonder!

Beyond the fabulous team, music, and fitness techniques, BODYROK will also offer "many excellent brands of casual wear for men and women. Specifically, Lululemon, NEST, Big Truck, and many more available to purchase and to special order." Jennifer Hull described BODYROK as, “A big city vibe right here in Billings super positive and empowering space for ‘you’ time.”

Megan concluded, “BODYROK is not a business, but a way of life. It is a mecca of positivity and health, and we want to share it with . Jennifer Hull and I are thrilled that we have partnered to be able to offer Billings something that is beyond just a workout. We are honored to take Billings on the BODYROK journey to create lasting relationships, healthier lives, stronger bodies, and positivity to share with our families, friends, and the world!”

Enjoy BODYROK and the benefits that are sure to come your way by setting aside a little you time this New Year. And with such an incredible location, you can head with your friends after class for a cup of coffee at City Brew or a glass of wine at City Vineyard! That sounds like a win-win!

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s January 2019 issue. 

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