How to Plan Your Overseas Trip

Do you get impatient while reading travel blogs? Have you got a list of countries you’d like to visit? Well, it’s high time you started ticking them off the list, isn’t it? With that in mind, here’s another list whose points you’ll need to cover all the things you should do/have/check before you finally set off. They will make your journey more enjoyable, and in some cases, actually possible. So, let’s take a quick look at all of the tourist, or traveler, must-haves.


You can’t go anywhere without it, that’s for sure. However, take a closer look at its issue date, and how much time you have until it expires. Some countries won’t let you in unless it’s valid for 6 months after you enter their country. The fact that you were planning to spend only a week inside it is of no relevance for passport control.

Also, even if you were planning to come back to your own country and ask for a new passport after a month or so, it’s best you plan for it to be valid some 6 months when you come back. In some cases, you can’t tell when you’ll be returning home, so you’d better not try your luck and risk staying in a foreign country with an expired (“worthless”) passport.

Make a plan

And allow some room for spontaneity. Think where exactly you wish to go. For starters, decide on the country, but be ready to change your mind while you’re there. Perhaps you’ll think of visiting their next-door neighbor while you’re at it, if you hear some warm recommendations. Deciding on the exact towns is the next logical step, but you can save it for later. Right now, you should do proper research whether you’ll be in need of a visa for the countries in question.

Some visa application processes can turn out to be quite lengthy and tiresome, so it’s best you begin on time. Or change the destination altogether.

Money, money

Money makes the world go 'round, so if you wish to go around the world, you’ll have to take some with you. Even better, nowadays you needn’t carry large amounts of cash. While most banks allow you to withdraw money with your card(s) from numerous terminals around the world, these generally carry with them a fiscal penalty for every withdrawal. Do your research before you head off and find out exactly how much money your bank charges for these transactions. In some cases, you’ll find that some banks actually don’t charge any fees on your overseas transactions, which will definitely be a bonus when it comes time to buying those souvenirs for your loved ones!

Create a budget

If you are to use the account in question, you should figure out on time how much money you will be spending each day while on holiday, regarding accommodation, food, entertainment, guides or sightseeing tours.

Stay happy and healthy

Travel insurance is not negotiable. There are usually several options available, so find out which one is the most suitable for you. Sometimes even a simple cold with high fever can cost you an arm and a leg abroad. In order not to get shocked with the medical bill later, get the insurance on time.

Moreover, did you know that it’s obligatory to get vaccinated before entering certain countries? Usually you have to get shots against polio, malaria or yellow fever. Be aware that some of them take weeks to work, so sometimes you can’t leave before 4 to 6 weeks have passed. Likewise, some medications you’re using regularly may be forbidden there, so make sure you check before you pack.

Make copies

Just in case. Nobody ever planned on their documents getting stolen, yet it happens more often than you think. To this end, always carry one copy with you. One should be at your home. Another one is best stored online, so you can access it via the internet if need be. Finally, your family or close friends should have one copy too. Trying to prove who you are in a foreign country isn’t as easy as you think. An honest smile will definitely not suffice.

Get a license

Though traveling by metro or using other forms of public transport can be an adventure on its own in a new land, maybe you’ll wish to visit some places by car. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to get yourself an international driving licence and be ready for a completely new road trip.

Plug adapters

There’s hardly anything more annoying than arriving to a hotel and realizing you can’t charge your phone, or laptop, or anything else electrical you’ve brought with you. Figure out what standard is required before you travel and buy at least two to be on the safe side. It will save you both money and nerves.

Inquire about local customs and laws

Traveling is a way of expanding your horizons, so be prepared to encounter some “unusual” traditions or laws. After all, it’s all relative, isn’t it? In any way, studying up a bit about the culture and proper behavior of your intended travel destination is always recommended - the more you know!

Lastly, check for the weather forecast, and pack lightly, like a true traveler. Have a nice trip!

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