10 Ways to Support a New Mom

As a mother of two wonderful toddlers, I know exactly what it feels like to be a new mom.  In the beginning you’re already worried about many things like your new baby’s health, their eating, and whether or not their poop is the right color.  As a new mom, you may forget to think about a key factor to all those things, YOU!  There are some women out there that don’t realize IT’S OKAY to ask for help. Some think they don’t need it, don’t want it, or even worse, they’re afraid to ask for it. I was fortunate to have my mom come stay for the first few weeks after the babies were born. Plus, I had a group of friends who showered me with love and support by bringing me home cooked meals for a week.  Looking back on the newborn months, here are the ways I think one can help a new mom without having to ask.
  1. Organize a meal train.

Not having to go grocery shopping and cook dinner can improve a whole day. You can create a meal train, and then share it with your friends and family. Plus, the new mom can share it with hers.

  1. Help with Laundry

The first few weeks, laundry can be uncomfortable to do. But just because one can’t do laundry doesn’t mean that the family stops wearing clothes.

  1. Come Over

Come over for conversation with an adult, come over to hold the baby so the mama can shower, come over to help pick up the house, or come over and bring a giant cup of coffee. There are endless possibilities that coming over can help solve.

  1. Run Errands

Pick up the toilet paper that has run out, or the diapers and wipes, or anything else she might need. Text her the day before to get a list and then again when you leave. She’ll probably have some new items to add to that list.

  1. Remind her

Remind her how well she is doing as a new mom. After a rough day, these few words can change her whole perspective. She might be thinking that she’ll never figure out how to swaddle the baby properly, or that the baby isn’t eating enough and nursing hurts so bad that she wants to give it up. Remind her she’s doing a great job and that she is the mom that her baby needs.

  1. Keep the Help Coming

The first two weeks after mom and baby get home from the hospital is a whirlwind. All the friends and family rush over to meet the little one. Then as soon as it starts, the help will stop. Continue to offer your support after everyone else has stopped. 

  1. Babysit

This doesn’t have to be while the parents go out on their first date post baby. You can offer to babysit an older child or babysit while the new mom goes and gets pampered or takes a nap.

  1. Drop off a Survival Kit

The first few days are spent on the couch, nursing and letting the baby sleep on you. Provide mom with a survival kit so she doesn’t have to get up. Pack snacks, her favorite beverage, shower wipes, and reading material.

  1. Get Her Out of the House

Take her on a stroll, head to the indoor play place with the older kids or help her run her first errand. She’ll value the support and know she’s not alone.

  1. Take care of the Fur Babies

Often the pets in the home were the “babies” until the real baby came home. Now, mom might need some help showing the fur babies some love. Take them for a walk, pick up the dog poop, or change the kitty litter.

They say the first few months of raising a child are the hardest. Everything is a first and there is so much to take in. The only thing a new mom should be focusing on is keeping herself and baby. The rest can wait or can be taken care of by her tribe.

About the author….a stay at home mom to two children who still accepts all the help she can get