10 Fun Things to Do with Your Teen

September 2018

Parents don’t have it easy. Adulthood is often busy and complicated, leaving little time to spend with your family. And the fact that this once little child is now a teenager is no help at all. Their level of busy often both rivals and compounds our own, and though the landscape of parenthood changes as our children age, to help our young adults travel on a path filled with more good choices than bad, we need to be present. 

‘’The best way to treat teenagers is not to write their homework or let them do what they want so they’ll be out of your way. If you want to your teenager to grow well, you have to be involved.’’ – explains Yaritza Fierce, a psychology expert at an Aussie Writings Service.

Do you wish to spend some quality time with your teen, but aren't sure what to suggest that would get them on board? Teens often reject opportunities to spend time with parents, preferring to spend their time with friends, but there are some things you can do to entice them to spend time with the family. Here are the top 10:

1. Get Active

Teenagers have plenty of energy, so why not use this opportunity to get active with them, too? Play something, like tennis, basketball, or simply go on a morning jog with them. This will promote your family’s health and build a stronger connection between you and your teenager. At this phase of their life, this is an essential step.

2. Propose a Movie Marathon

When it comes to teens, you need to be prepared to compromise. To be more clear, you need to accept their favorite movie genre or series when you propose a movie marathon. This will ensure success with your proposal and give you some time to spend with your teen-aged son or daughter.

If all goes well, your movie-watching night can turn into a marathon and with it, a tradition. Oh, the many conversations you can have along the way!

3. Do Community Service Together

Doing good for others is rewarding and fulfilling, but also a great opportunity to teach your teen that life does not revolve around them and that it is always good to help others. There are many volunteer opportunities wherever you live, so why not do some community service together?

4. Go On a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Grab some cameras/smartphones and take your teens with you. Make it a competition – this should keep them interested. Your task will be to take photos of people, animals, or interesting buildings, which should make for nice conversations and some relationship-building along the way. (You can also get their friends involved, which will probably amount to a win-win in their book). Check out these Photo Scavenger Hunt ideas on Pinterest

5. Go Bowling

Take your family to the closest bowling alley and connect with them with the help of strikes (or gutter balls, it happens). It is a great connecting opportunity, as well as a fun and competitive game everyone will enjoy - especially if you add food into the mix! 

6. Propose Shopping

Teenagers love shopping. If you propose this activity and offer to foot the bill (perhaps with an agreed upon limit), it is highly likely that they will give the green light for this activity. It goes without saying that you'll need to let them have some say about the stores you visit. 

7. Start Family Craft Projects

Craft projects are unique and fun ways to spend time with the family, including teenagers. Aim for times when they have more free time, such as holidays or an event-free weekend when your teens are looking for ways to pass the time.

Let your teenager nurture their artistic interests and skills by doing some DIY gifts for the family. If they show interest, you can even enroll in such classes together.

8. Plan a Game Night

If you land on the right games, teens will LOVE a family/ family & friends game night. (Name 5, Catch Phrase, Scattergories or Slapagories - a Scattergories spin off, are some favorites). Find a time when they are in the mood for some fun and play some interesting games that everyone will enjoy. Don’t even think of playing games like ‘ask the questions’. Instead, suggest board games for the entire family, video game competitions, and anything else that won’t have the eyes rolling and your teen dashing when you suggest it.

9. Baking

We all love desserts and sweets, so what do you think of a sugar-and-sweet weekend with your teenager? Teach them how to prepare their favorite sweet treat, let them use their creativity, and have fun together while eating some delicious desserts.

10. Take an Impromptu Vacation or Road Trip

Don’t plan – it takes the fun away! Just suggest an unplanned, unexpected weekend getaway or a road trip. Any adventure will interest a teenager. Most importantly, such a trip will make plenty of room for conversation and bonding.

The idea is to spend some fine time and bond with your kid. If none of these ideas work, let your teenager decide what they want to do. These are the delicate years of their life, so as a parent, you need to compromise if you want to spend time with them!

About author...Olivia is a journalist who always tries to see the bright side of things. She likes to inspire people in her writings and to enjoy a mysterious beauty of twilight. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.