Things I've learned after four pregnancies

Here are some little tips and tricks I have collected along the way that I wish I would have known with my first pregnancy!

Recliner Not Rocker

Ok, if you love rocking your baby, a rocking chair is great. If what you are actually looking for is a breastfeeding chair, you really need a recliner. Sitting straight up in a chair to breastfeed makes it super tough to have good posture, and does a number on your back. Reclining, or lying down to breastfeed (especially when sleepy) is so much better. So get a recliner, or ask your husband to share his for a couple of months.

Hang Baby Clothes

They grow so quickly that it can be hard to stay organized and keep track of all of the clothes for the different ages and stages. I ended up missing the chance to dress every one of my kids in cute outfits because I didn't realize they had already outgrown things. Now, I hang everything so I can visually see it all at once. I found these great little dividers on Amazon for organizing the different sizes.

Nutrition Matters

With each pregnancy, I have felt the cumulative toll on my body more and more. The baby takes what it needs (which is excellent!), but you have to be sure and replenish what was lost if you don't want to face possible health consequences. I told my client/friend/nutritionist about how I was feeling, thinking it was normal, and she said, "That sounds like adrenal fatigue." The good news is, there are things you can do. Meet with a nutritionist and, at the very least, cut out processed foods and eat loads of fruits and veggies often — every couple of hours. Pro-tip: wild blueberries are essential for healing and restoring your body. Pick these up at Lucky's and put them in a smoothie every day.


Everything feels like it's falling out at first. With one baby I got this BelleFit postpartum surgical grade support girdle. With this one, I am wearing high waisted compression leggings. But, recently I have seen all kinds of postpartum support products on the market. Basically, the extra support helps hold your hips, back, and abs in place so everything can heal where it's supposed to.

Epsom Salt

It has been a lifesaver for me for three reasons during pregnancy. It mutes back pain enough that I feel relaxed, stops random leg cramps at night, and relieves pregnancy insomnia. By the last month, I literally can't sleep without an Epsom salt bath. 


I didn't even know prenatal chiropractic care was a thing! It's amazing. If you are in pain, go. And go after you have the baby to get the baby adjusted. Can you tell I'm a fan? This was actually the first pregnancy that I wasn't waddling around in pain during the last trimester. Meier Family Chiropractic was recommended to me by about 20 friends, and they specialize in prenatal care. Dr. Kim did not disappoint!

Heating Pad

This cue was taken from the chiropractor. At Meier Family Chiropractic they have you sit on some heat before your adjustment. Amazing!! I had the rice socks, but I feel like those get cold after 10 minutes. With this pregnancy, I ordered a heating pad on Amazon and enjoyed the heat on my back every night while we watched a show before bed.

about the author...Jenna Jones is a local mompreneur. She is a mom to four little ones! She is also a web developer and owner of Jenna Jones Design. In her writing, you will find Jenna getting honest about the hard stuff, and in all of it, finding some humor and some hope.

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s August 2018 issue.

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