DIY Succulent Log Planter

Succulents are the absolute hottest items right now. Everywhere you turn they are stealing the spotlight. This DIY combines my two favorite things: plants and logs. It's time to get your green thumb dirty and create a show-stopping piece for your front porch.


*Log with holes in it

*Potting soil


*Planting shovel


  1. Before you can start this project, you have to hunt for the perfect log. Ideally, a log that sits flat and has a couple of different holes in the top to plant different succulents in. My neighbor had to cut a tree down and was kind enough to let me sort through her pile of wood for the perfect log for my succulent planter.
  2. Next comes the fun part, buying the succulents. It is essential to know how many plants will fit in your log. I had three openings, so I purchased three succulents. I stumbled upon a sale at Lucky’s Market to buy mine.
  3. Take your potting soil and fill in some of the holes in the log. Decide how you would like to arrange the succulents and plant them.
  4. Pick a spot on your porch and display!

How easy is that? This planter adds a little bit of modern flair and nature to the front porch. Display it next to your other flower plots and enjoy all summer long.

about the author...Jessica Robbins has lived in Billings, MT for 15 years and is proud to call Montana home! She is married to her husband Zach and has two beautiful girls. She loves refurbishing furniture, crafting, and playing with her children.