An open letter to Dads this Father's Day

Dear Dads,

You matter. Not just one day of the year in June, but all 365 days of every year, from birth through adulthood… you matter. It’s easy to shine the spotlight on Mom, but we want you to know that we see your sacrifice and the role you play in parenting.

To the dads who show up… to the dinner table, to baseball games and dance recitals, in the middle of the night when the baby is crying, and on the other end of the phone after a fender bender while away at college… we see you. You taught us to show up, too – how to be there for our siblings in times of need, and how to show up for a friend even when there’s nothing in it for us. Through your example, we learned how to show up for our jobs – the chores Mom gave us, the high school job that involved cleaning toilets, and the grown-up jobs that shape our careers and futures.

To the dads who lead by example… You displayed integrity and work ethic when it seemed no one was watching. We were. You taught us to see a project through to the end, and to tackle problems with patience and endurance. You proved that character was more valuable than success, and that success is measured by more than money or status.

To the dads who taught us, patiently and when it wasn’t convenient – we learned. It may have taken us a million times of your consistency and patience, but through your teaching we’ve gained the skills we need to enter the next grade level, or meet new people, or learn a new skill, or begin the journey of parenting our own children. You took the time to explain things to us and instilled a passion for learning and exploring and creativity.

To the dads who love well, despite our shortcomings and our disobedience… thank you. Even in your moments of discipline and frustration, we never doubted your love. We appreciated your forgiveness, and we saw the way you sacrificed. We’re sorry we didn’t always acknowledge it at the time, but it’s deeply rooted in us and it made us who we are. Thanks for being you.

Dads, you matter.

With love & gratitude,

Kids of all ages, everywhere