A Call Out for Simply Amazing Kids

Generation after generation one thing remains the same, the youth of the times are tremendously underestimated. They get a bad rap, kids and teens do. Sure, not everyone is letting their light shine bright, but that certainly applies to individuals in every age group, yet it's the proverbial squeaky wheels that tend to steal the spotlight. But these kids, our youth, they are the game-changers, and we can't wait to see them become the change they wish to see in this world.

Here at Simply Family Magazine, we have long recognized the outstanding among our youth, starting in 2010 when we featured our first Simply Amazing Teen, Ashley Smith. In 2017 we also highlighted several "Teens to Watch," alongside our current Simply Amazing Teen. You'll find those features in our October Teen issues, but (and maybe you've noticed) we've added another piece to this puzzle of sharing the uniquely spectacular youth among us with the "Kid to Watch" spotlight pieces. 

That's where you come in

We know that there are incredible kids and teens who haven't landed on our radar, but are out there doing outstanding things in our community. So, if you know a kid or teen who has ♦ Started a business ♦ Overcome an obstacle ♦ Is finding unique ways to give back ♦ Is simply exceptional in some way, then we want you to toot their horn! Contact our editorial team with your nomination for a "Kid to Watch." 

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photos in featured image are by Jana Graham Photography