Must-have Christmas gifts for kids in 2017

Growing up with a multitude of awesome gadgets may have seemed like an impossibility when we were kids, but our kids are surrounded by technology every day. We might bemoan the fact that everyone is so attached to technology, but there are some benefits to be had from all those gadgets surrounding our kids. Many devices are made to improve kids’ social skills, teach them a variety of things, and keep them healthy and safe. Which definitely makes choosing Christmas gifts in the form of educational and fun gadgets a win-win. To help you with the choice, I have made a list of interesting gadgets I am sure your kids will love: 

Must-have Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2017


Classic Foosball Match

I will start with one gadget that will interest not only kids but the parents too. This great gadget made by New Potato Technologies is capable of turning your iPad into a real foosball table. You have to place the iPad on the table, start the Classic Foosball Match app and start spinning those rods. You will feel like you are playing the real foosball table!

2. BB8 remote control toy

Even though BB8 is not R2D2 (parents will get me) it is still a pretty impressive little robot. Your kid will love it and will play with it for hours. I like the fact that is not too complicated to assemble. The toy itself can react to your child’s voice, making it even more awesome in their eyes.

3. Tinkerbots

This might just be one of the most amazing educational toys in years. Tinkerbots will spark your kid’s creativity and imagination because they can make their own robots. They are actually modular blocks with the Power Brain as the center of the toy; your child can make an army of droids with it!

4. Anki Overdrive Battle and Race Robotic Supercars

This is a toy for kids who are in love with cars and speed. With this toy, your kid will get two cars and material to build their own race track. The best thing about them is that you can control the cars with your smartphone, Apple or Android!

5. Cognitoys dino

Cognitoys dino is a smart toy that will talk with your kid, sing, tell jokes and even answer questions. It is a great educational toy, made to aid in social development. Also, it’s extremely cute so kids will love it from first glance.  Before starting, you can enter your kid's information like name and age into the app available for both Android and iOS versions.  

6. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Another educational toy that teaches kids through fun is Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar. The perfect age for this game is 3-6. The main goal of this toy is to get kids thinking. They can do that by combining body parts of caterpillar, making it move in a particular way. The game encourages kids to develop logical conclusions and to find the solutions to some problems.

7. Air Hogs - Helix X4

This toy is for older kids, but is also a great device for beginners who are interested in flying drones. It is a small device, pretty light, and extremely durable. Keep in mind that it is best to supervise your child during drone flight.

8. Sphero

Sphero is one of the best educational robots, making it a must-mention! The toy has been on the market for some time, but the demand is still high. What makes this toy so popular is that it can teach kids how to code, all through the game.

9. POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

This rather unique toy is for older kids, but that doesn’t mean your younger child can’t have fun with it! For this gadget, you will need your phone and paper. To control the paper plane you have to download the application (compatible with Android and iOS devices) and connect it to the PowerUp. The PowerUp is the motor that controls your paper plane and makes it fly like the wind.

10. Tinitell

The last gadget is more for the parents than for the kids, but it is an app worth having a place on this list. Tinitel is a water-resistant smartwatch that is combination mobile phone and GPS locator. The watch is easy to set and your child will learn how to use it in no time. It is easy to connect the app with the smartphone, allowing the parent to programme the watch. That means you can activate the GPS locator at any time. The watch looks extremely simple and it is very light. I really feel that safety should come first and that is why I have put this watch on this list.

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