DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s December 2017 issue.

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Trying to stay up-to-date and mix up your Christmas decor can get pricey. This DIY involves repurposing everyday items: tomato cages and flowerpots. Get ready to create some super cute and cheap Christmas trees made with supplies you already have lying around in your shed. Time to put that green thumb to work wearing your winter gloves!


  • Tomato cage
  • Garland or burlap
  • Christmas lights
  • Flower pot or bucket


  1. Start by taking your tomato cage and flipping it upside down so that the three prongs are facing towards the ceiling. Take a string and tie the three prongs together.
  2. Take your burlap or garland and start at the point where you tied the three prongs together. Begin wrapping the tomato cage until you have covered it completely.
  3. String the lights starting at the top of the tree and work your way down to the bottom. I chose to use battery operated string lights. They have become my new favorite string lights, and I have pretty much used them on every surface of my house.
  4. Choose a flowerpot or bucket to display your adorable new Christmas tree. I had a white bucket that I set it on. The bucket gave it some height and more of a farmhouse look. Just shop your house to see what you can find!

This holiday season, brighten up your space with this adorable, inexpensive DIY. What a quick and easy way to decorate your porch or an empty corner in your house. Time to grab the hot chocolate and cue the Christmas music!