Best Family-friendly TV Box Apps

Are you looking for the best Android TV Box apps? Android Media Player is a popular addition to the advancements in the field of entertainment. Here are the best apps for your Android TV Box;

YouTube kids

YouTube is one of the most popular websites people use today. They have just launched their kid’s version which makes it easy for them to find things that appeal to a young audience. The best part of this app is that it has a parental control system that helps them keep an eye on what their kids watch. It has lots of cartoon images and designs related to their age group in order to have fun as well as learn.

Disney Junior App

This is one of the oldest of all. Disney has now introduced its app which has so much to offer that it keeps kids busy all day. It consists of all the movies and programs that the Disney channel shows. It also has a Disney radio with fun songs and games.

Reading Rainbow

Reading rainbow is an educational app that consists of more than 400 books that kids can read online. The app has LeVar Burton’s field trip videos that will be like a trip down memory lane for mom and dad! The best part of this app is that it also has a parental control system that helps them to keep an eye on what their kids watch.


Best for kids ages 5 and younger, this is another popular app that consists of over 200 videos for kids to have fun, learn, read, play and so much more. 

PBS Kids App

PBS Kids app is an award-winning free app for kids. It not only shows famous series Curious George and Sesame Street videos, but also helps children learn and educate themselves with educational videos called the ‘’Weekly Pick’’. The best feature of this app is that it has a parental control system that helps them keep an eye on what their kids watch.

Toon Goggles 

This is a new Android app. It has parental approved content. It has more variety of books than in any other app. It shows educational cartoons and millions of popular songs for kids. You can now protect your kids from watching unethical content.

Netflix Kids

Netflix kids has become very popular, quite similar to the adult version. This app is free. This has been added to Android TV list of apps. It has a variety of videos for kids from which they have fun and learn and also read. It not only helps children explore but helps them improve their way of life. 

All these family-friendly 4k TV box apps allow parents to utilize parental controls; these apps are free and provide a variety of features for kids. Parents can take a breather, knowing their kids are enjoying good content on the TV box with a shield.

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