The Salvation Army

How do you get involved?

The Salvation Army (2100 6th Ave. N.) will gladly field any questions or volunteer sign-ups, via 406-245-4659. Volunteers can quickly register online at billings.salvationarmy.org, use the Connect with Us link to sign-up. Check out our local Salvation Army's Facebook Page too, The Salvation Army - Billings.

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s November 2017 issue.

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The Salvation Army has been the first on the scene and the last to leave since 1865. They have received global recognition for their involvement in disasters such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and more recent tragedies. The Salvation Army faithfully lends a hand to our communities not only during disasters, but they are also dependable in assisting with day-to-day situations. They provide emotional, physical, financial, and most importantly spiritual assistance where needed.

Globally, the Salvation Army is in 127 countries. As a Christian, nonprofit organization, Trish Simeroth, Core Officer, explains her service with the Salvation Army, "After all that God has done for us, we can support others."

Adults seeking addiction rehabilitation can turn to the Salvation Army. Adult Rehabilitation is a six-month program that serves those with drug or alcohol addiction. There are seventeen locations, the nearest located in Boise or Denver. Getting people back on their feet is "the main focus.” “To reach out to those in need, so they can obtain the help they need and positively impact the community," says Trish.

Core Officers Timothy and Trish Simeroth say the Salvation Army is “not an island to ourselves.” Volunteers and churches in our community commonly work with the Salvation Army as an avenue for them to successfully serve. The Salvation Army has the training to help those who want to help but might not have a good avenue to go about it. The nonprofit also works with other agencies in Billings, sharing resources and manpower.

Year-round opportunities to serve-

  • Did you know that the Salvation Army feeds an average of 450 people a day in Billings? The Community Table Meal program welcomes volunteers as drivers and riders to help distribute meals. This program runs Monday-Saturday from 5:00 - 6:30 pm.
  • Each holiday season, our cheerful bell ringers are all volunteers, and the funds donated by our community remain in our community. Families are welcome to share in this experience. Singing carols is not a requirement, but it's certainly encouraged and enjoyed by all.
  • The Angel Tree program creates a unique experience for volunteers. After gifts are collected, a toy shop is created, and parents registered for the program are then able to "shop" and play an active role in their children receiving presents at Christmastime. This program generates 1,000 toys for Christmas so, as you can imagine, the Salvation Army is grateful for volunteers.
  • Children in Kindergarten through 6th Grade can participate in the Dress a Child program. A volunteer shopper takes a child shopping for new clothes. The program runs in December, and children can register through Salvation Army or their school.
  • Each fall, the Backpacks for Kids program is a time when volunteers help children obtain the supplies they will need for the coming year.
  • The Pathways to Hope program serves fifteen to twenty-five people in a classroom environment. Skills such as budgeting and cooking are taught. Participants learn helpful ways to work towards their desired goals and ambitions.

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