LaVie: Offering hope, empowering women

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s October 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here

For the past twenty-six years, LaVie has been empowering women with knowledge, power, and choices. With two convenient locations (2321 Broadwater and 44 Wicks Lane), the non-profit continues to be a steady pulse, the name itself means life.

LaVie provides a variety of services: pregnancy testing/options/consultations, post abortion support, HIV testing, education classes, OB ultrasounds, STI (sexually transmitted infections) exams, as well as sports physicals for boys and girls. Patients turn to LaVie for confidential care and hope. Cindy Nordstog, CEO explains, “At LaVie, we do not wish for pregnancy to be viewed as a crisis, we can be brave together.”

The environment stands out as comfortable and relaxed; LaVie is not a clinical setting. Appointments are scheduled for an hour at a time, so that their excellent staff can spend time uncovering each patient's life situation. Topics such as work and housing status are examined. LaVie has developed valuable relationships with physicians in the community so that when the need arises to make a referral, LaVie staff can take their knowledge of the patient and recommend appropriate care.

Education rooms are equally as inviting with their friendly atmosphere. LaVie's mission is to provide early pregnancy services, part of which focus on prenatal education. Their Earn While You Learn (E.W.Y.L) program offers classroom curriculum, as well as hands-on mentoring by a volunteer or staff member. As the pregnancy progresses, the E.W.Y.L program allows the parents an opportunity to earn diapers, car seat, stroller, clothes, etc. "Once the parent graduates, they will receive a large layette, which is a baby shower in a basket, containing diapers, clothes, bibs, bottles, etc.," states Cindy. The E.W.Y.L program doesn't end once the baby is born either, parents are welcome to attend a two-year program with Family Care where more opportunities to earn diapers, and other essentials continues.

Anyone seeking health care that fits LaVie's service options is welcome to make an appointment. Keep in mind that long term care is not provided, but when life brings about change, LaVie can be a starting point providing answers and options. The largest demographic served is between 19 and 26; however, they do see patients from 12 to late 50s. When scheduling an appointment, patients may contact by phone or request one online (laviebillings.com). The staff is responsible for scheduling appointments to ensure that the time best fits the patient's needs. Between the two locations, LaVie is open Monday thru Saturday. Rest assured that no one will be turned away.

No matter an individual’s circumstances, LaVie staff welcomes patients and commits to non-judgemental and no charge services. Their goal is to provide each patient confidence. Quality healthcare is provided independently of a person's choice. Our community is better educated and equipped thanks to LaVie, their life affirming services are worth checking out!

about the author...Hannah and her husband, Derik, are new parents to a happy & talkative son Cole. As a family of three, they intend on keeping the adventures coming along with their dogs Toby & Sam.