5 healthy back-to-school tips

This post is brought to you by guest blogger, JBtheMom  The start of school is looming once again with August officially underway. While parents can do what they can to make sure that their kids are eating right and are getting enough exercise at home, they may not be able to guarantee this once classes begin. So with that in mind, this article provides simple tips that parents can follow to introduce healthier habits for the entire family, especially for their children.

1. Start the day right

Starting the day with a good breakfast might seem cliché, but this is still an important tip that parents can follow for themselves and for their children. This way, you can be sure that your children are getting healthy food that will serve as fuel for them for the rest of the day. Plus, the Huffington Post suggests that this can be used as an opportunity for the family to bond together, which is always a good way to start your day.

2. Prepare a healthy lunch for your meal

Preparing your kids' lunches yourself is still your best way of making sure that your children are getting the nutrition they need, instead of them indulging in junk food and sugary treats during school. Make sure to pack fruits and vegetables in their lunch bags, so they have a balanced diet. Also, try and avoid buying sweet drinks, including fruit juices, for your family. These types of drinks are often high in sugar and can do more harm than good. If your children have a sweet tooth, you can instead pack fruit for them as a healthier alternative.

3. Let your kids walk to school 

If there is a reasonable distance between your home and your kids' school, it might be a good idea to let them walk to school instead of driving them so they can get some exercise. Tootsa states that children should have at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. This will not only help improve their health, it can also improve their academic performance. Furthermore, it can encourage them to make friends with the other students who also walk to and from school.

4. Ensure your children get enough rest 

A lot of parents make a big deal about their kids waking up early so they can get to school on time, but they neglect to take into consideration their children's bedtime as a big factor in making sure that they will actually be able to do this. Furthermore, getting enough rest is important for those who still have a lot of growing up to do. Aside from setting a specific time to go to bed, Active Beat also suggests regulating their use of electronics, which has been proven to play a large role in disrupting sleep.

5. Make sure your family has their annual physical exams

Adults are not the only ones who need to get checked by their doctor on a regular basis. CBS News reminds parents that their children also need to get regular checkups. Their vaccination schedule should be followed among other things.    Exclusively written for Simply Family Magazine by JBtheMom