The Birthday Suites

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The Birthday Suites


813 16th St. W.


Create lasting memories with a themed birthday party at The Birthday Suites! Several delightfully decorated theme rooms are available to take the guesswork out of your next party. Let their talented team provide ideas, games, decorations, props and more.

article by Hannah Luedt

photos courtesy of The Birthday Suites

Birthday wishes start before the candles are lit and the owners of The Birthday Suites understand what it takes to have a memorable birthday experience. Their space makes kids' dreams come to life. With eight themed rooms that are set up to meet even the most imaginative kid’s expectations, you could say, The Birthday Suites is a place where birthday wishes come true.

Located off of Broadwater at 813 16th Street West, The Birthday Suites is in the center of Billings and has ample parking right behind their building. Building owners, Gary and Nancy Pollock lease the space and are very supportive.

What makes The Birthday Suites a kid’s dream place for their birthday celebrations? Anita with The Birthday Suites calls it the “wow factor!” The themed rooms completely submerge the party into the child’s dreamland, which is not always obtainable at home. Adults have commented that they were so impressed, they too want to celebrate their birthday here and it’s welcomed as it’s not just for kids.

“The Birthday Suites hope parents can sit back, visit, and enjoy their child’s day. Staff helps as much or as little as you prefer. We provide set-up, party dishes, and clean up; however, we are also willing to help with food and cake. Our staff greets your guests and takes care of setting up items we have supplied or that were brought in. If you want a craft-type project, our staff jumps in. We’ve had a nail painting party with some princesses! For guests, there is a man cave for sports fans,” says Anita. All of these aspects help parents host the perfect party!

The Birthday Suites has eight themed rooms. The most popular room is the Precious Princess room. “Guests show up in their dresses and a surprise visit from a princess can be arranged with Ever After Events,” explains Anita. Next, would be the Superhero room where guests are provided with masks and capes. Other rooms include: Dinosaur Roar, Sports Fan, Motorcar Theme, Darling Diva, Time for Tea, and Mystical Fairy. “We have had parties where entire parties have dressed up too, which I think is really cool,” Anita shares.

The Birthday Suites has a partnership with Ever After Events and Super Heroes of Montana. “Collaboration has been a huge plus, we complement each other 100%!” Anita explains, “The look on the children’s faces when they first see their favorite character walk unexpectedly in a room is priceless.” Kelli with Ever After Events adds, “We are both in the same industry but instead of competing, our businesses perfectly complement each other.” It’s the perfect balance in order to provide an affordable party option. Ever After Events is striving to provide a character for each of the themed rooms in the future, allowing customers a unique variety. Currently there are ten characters available. The Ice Queen gets booked for the most party appearances.

Anita states, “Right from the start we were going for the wow factor and we achieved it!” Our staff has received endless comments about each room’s ideas and creativity. The most memorable reaction was from a 3-year-old's princess party. When that princess walked in, our birthday guest just starting jumping up and down and in her eyes you could see she believed it was all real.” Kelli notes that the child’s reaction is enjoyable and a memory has been created that will last a lifetime.

Anita recalls, “Not too long ago, we overheard a lady mention that whoever started this place was either crazy or creative…we think it’s a little of both.”

about the author...Hannah and her husband, Derik, are new parents to a happy and talkative son Cole. As a family of three they intend on keeping the adventures coming along with their dogs Toby and Sam.