Dear Mom-to-Be...

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s May 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here

article by Rebecca Stewart

When a woman becomes pregnant, it’s often a free-for-all of information. Whether solicited or not, friends, family, co-workers, random strangers in the store are all too-willing givers of the advice, but have you ever wondered what kids might have to offer? Fourth grade teacher at Graff Elementary School, Amber Griffith, was kind enough to share the pearls of wisdom her students bestowed upon her when she announced her pregnancy.

Dear Mom-to-Be,

My advice to you is…

  • Don't panic, just keep calm. Then do what you do best, just teach on. –Cameron
  • Sing a lullaby. Read a book to her. Make her happy. Be nice to her. Have fun with her; play with her. Be a good mom. –Lucius
  • Read lots of books and cuddle a lot. This is so exciting! –Emily
  • Read lots of stories and be happy. Make lots of good food. Be silly! –Allyssa
  • Be the best mom you can be. –Raylea
  • Read to her every night. –Nathan
  • Never feed breadsticks to her. Never give her something that she is allergic to. –Adam
  • Raise her as awesome as you are. –Michael
  • Make the baby eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. Wake up at night to check on the baby. –Josiah
  • Feed her pears when she gets older. I loved them when I was little. –Alivia
  • Babies love to run around and play with you all the time. –Reegan
  • Read lots of books to her. Feed her bottles and have fun with her!!! –Dustin
  • Babies love to listen to music. –Cheylynn
  • Read books to her and put some toys in a toy box, and if she starts crying…Well, I don’t quite know that one, but have fun! –Liliana
  • Teach the little girl to be funny and humorous! –Peyton
  • Always tuck her in at night. Teach her how to do hair! Mostly teach her how to do basketball and math! –Kaitlyn
  • Read a lot of books and snuggle with her. –Abby
  • Play with your baby a lot, read to it a lot, and try giving her veggies to see if she likes them. Last, have a great time with her. –Elizabeth
  • Give it hot milk and food that is smashed. –Bridger
  • Make sure you only buy board books until she is at least 3 years old. Do not talk babyish to her so she will not learn words wrong. –Aaron
  • …Get her the biggest stuffed animal in the world when you are struggling with her, she will calm down fast. –Charis
  • Be the best mom you can be. Get her into sports when she gets older. Make sure she is always happy. Make sure she is the nicest girl ever. –Chase
  • Always give her hugs and kisses, and never, I mean never, let her out of your sight. -Jaela