Creating the ultimate outdoor space

With spring in full bloom, it’s time to get that outdoor space ready for entertaining, family fun or just plain relaxing. Here are some ideas to make your space THE place to be!

Splash on Some Color!

Old wooden patio furniture can be new once again with just a fresh coat of paint. Try some bold, new colors that really stand out and brighten the mood. You could even find some pieces at flea markets or garage sales that you can work your magic on! If you have metal chairs, recover them in a fun, new fabric. For those with a tile patio, paint just a tile here or there in vivid colors.

Let There Be Light!

This season, try a new lighting motif! You can create unique copper lighting by taking copper tubs or large bowls, drilling a hole in the bottom and adding a light kit. Mason jars filled with solar lights add a magical haze to any evening. Paint pebbles with glow in the dark paint and line your walkway with them. Easily bring ping pong balls to life by filling them with clear Christmas lights. Cut an X in each ping pong ball with an X-acto knife and fill each ball with one light from your string until you have it completed. Hang for a soft, summer glow.

Polish up Your Green Thumb!

Even those of us who don’t have space for a garden can still enjoy one with these ideas… How about creating a vertical garden? A pallet or crib frame can serve as a great spot to “hang” your garden. Paint the wood your desired color, poke holes in the bottom of small pails, fill with your favorite plants and hang from the wood with shower curtain hooks. Rain gutters can easily be mounted to a balcony or wall for plants without deep roots. Even an old hanging shoe organizer can be re-purposed to hold your summer plants.

Get Creative with Furniture!

You can easily create your own furniture by stacking cinder blocks and using a nice board laid on top for a table. Remove the wood and a couple layers of blocks, add a foam pad and a few throw pillows and you now have a seating area. Make some easy side tables by stacking one terra cotta pot upside down with one right side up on top of it. Place a pizza pan on top and voila! you have an instant table. Turn an old, iron crib into an antique outdoor sofa or, turn crates into cozy seating or end tables.