9 end of year teacher gift ideas

Teachers, they put in countless hours, share their knowledge and heart, making immeasurable differences in the lives of the students they encounter. For nine months, they are privy to all of the everyday goings on with our children. They see them at their best, their worst, and everything in between. As the end of the school year looms, perhaps you’re thinking you’d like to show your appreciation to this instrumental person in your child’s life, but how? With 20+ kids to a classroom and years of teaching under their belts, you can imagine that teachers get a lot of mugs, lotions, socks, not to mention, all things apple-related…So we’ve compiled a list of teacher gift ideas that hopefully they’ll genuinely be able to use.

9 End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

  • Gift Cards – We’re talking restaurants, Target, Walmart, Amazon, pedicure, movie theater…
  • Plants – If you’re looking to take the work off her hands, you can add a personal touch by transplanting the flowers into a fun planter.
  • At-home Spa Kit – Nail polish, file, foot scrub, bath bomb…
  • Sweet Treat- Not a dozen cookies or cupcakes, but one beautifully packaged and decorated treat. (Be mindful of any allergies Teacher might have)
  • Do your research, what are Teacher’s favorite treats/drinks?
  • Photo Collage – I love to take pictures I’ve taken throughout the school year and make a collage – no, they’re not just of my kid - put it in a frame, and you’re set (they can take the picture, put it in a scrapbook and still have a frame).
  • Summer Sun Beach Tote - Create these summer fun care packages
  • DIY Ice Cream Sundae/S’more Kit – Get a fun box and all the fixings for these sweet treats. (Um, you might leave the getting of the ice cream up to Teacher. J But you can include ice cream cones, sprinkles, syrup…)
  • Thank you letters from you and your child
However you choose to show your appreciation, share the love with us on social media using the hashtag, #SFMTeacherAppreciation.