100 reasons why we "LOVE" mom

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s May 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here

article by Jamie Beeson

  1. Mom’s always there to spit clean the lunch remnants off your face.
  2. She works tirelessly to get everyone to smile for a family picture, even if the end result is lots of tears. She’s persistent to make sure to preserve one moment when EVERYONE in your family is smiling.
  3. If it weren’t for Mom, you may never have clean underwear or socks.
  4. When you’re tired of chewing your gum, Mom will take it!
  5. She’s got your back in the booger department. If she spots a runny nose or one hanging there, she’ll wipe it or pick it without thinking twice.
  6. When you’re out and about and you’re getting hot, just peel of your top layer and give it to Mom. She’s an excellent coat rack.
  7. You’ll never be caught littering with Mom. Just give your garbage, leftovers, or anything you don’t want to her. She’ll take it.
  8. If you’re away from home and need something, Mom probably packed it. Kleenex, check. Chapstick, check. Snack, check. Spare undies, check. Rubber band, she’s got that. Scratch paper, you bet. Just ask. She’s just like Mary Poppins.
  9. When you have bad dreams, her bed is the BEST. She’ll even move over to the VERY edge so you can lie right in the middle where you are safely and securely surrounded by the rest of her bed and pillows.
  10. You don’t have to say much, Mom just knows. It’s like she can read your mind. She sees the bottled up tears or that something hiding behind your silence.
  11. Short of pom-poms, Mom takes the cake when it comes to cheerleading. You’ll always hear her from the stands. Even when you wish you couldn’t.
  12. You’ll never forget what you look like because she takes pictures of you ALL the time. BUT, you might forget what SHE looks like because she’s always behind the camera!
  13. Who needs a drive through when you have Mom? Need a snack? She’s got your back. Hungry for “linner”, she’ll give you food before dinner. Thirsty before bed? She’ll fill your cup.
  14. There’s something about her smell that makes everything better.
  15. If you ever feel unloved, all you need to do is to talk to Mom. You’ll always be reminded of how loved you are.
  16. Mom is like a 1-woman security detail. No one messes with her posse’.
  17. Mom is like “in-home healthcare.” She’s got something for every ail, illness, scratch, bump or boo-boo. She’ll make sure your medical needs are covered.
  18. She’s the angel on your shoulder. Right before you’re tempted to steer the wrong direction, listen closely…you’ll hear her voice of reason.
  19. Mom has mad P.I. skills. Eyes in the back of her head are only the beginning. She’s good at finding out everything she needs to know about everything you don’t want her to know.
  20. Who else is going to hold your hair when you’re tossing your cookies? Or even worse, who’s going to clean it up? Mom. Mom, will.
  21. She sacrificially gave up her brains and energy while you were in-utero, siphoning everything you needed from her.
  22. Mom rented out space in her belly, free of charge for 9 months, then again, in her home for at least 18 years. In fact, she PAID to have you in this world.
  23. Mom always takes one for the team. All plates are served and just when she’s about to sit down to eat, someone needs a refill, a second helping, spills something, or is all done and ready to go. She’s willing to eat her dinner cold.
  24. She has supernatural volume. You can be playing 3 houses down and when she calls, it’s like she’s right in the same room. In fact, even the adult neighbors put their shoes away and wash their hands because they can hear her instructions.
  25. With one LOOK she can change the behavior of you and your siblings.
  26. If Mom weren’t around, you’d stink, have matted hair, wear pants 2 sizes too small, and shirts with stains.
  27. Who else is going to look at your less than mediocre artwork and say “Oooo…. I like it!”
  28. When you’ve got a cool trick you’ve learned, Mom is an instant audience. “Mom, watch!”
  29. Would you know where you need to wash if Mom weren’t around?  I’m SURE you’d forget behind your ears, under your arms, and between your toes.
  30. You’d be barefoot for life if Mom weren’t around. She ALWAYS knows where to find your shoes and everything else you’ve misplaced.
  31. If something is missing, put Mom on the job. She’ll look in the same spot you’ve looked 20 times and FIND what you have been looking for all along.
  32. What’s in her kiss anyway? It always seems to fix bumps and owies.
  33. She’s like a personal assistant who never gets paid. She reminds you of your appointments and even chauffeurs you to make sure you arrive on time.
  34. Your social life wouldn’t exist without her. She planned play dates long before you knew how and still provides the rides, home, snacks, and money for your social life.
  35. Your birthday could go unnoticed if it weren’t for Mom.
  36. Thank goodness for her connection to Santa!
  37. How else would we learn songs like “Twinkle Twinkle”?
  38. Mom is NOT afraid of what’s in your closet. She’s so brave.
  39. You can say really naughty things to her and somehow, she still loves you unconditionally.
  40. You got your good looks from her.
  41. How else would you have entered this world without her?
  42. Your family is like a bunch of individual pages in a beautiful book, but your Mom binds them all together.
  43. Thanks to Mom you know all of the things in life that “might poke your eye out.”
  44. Mom taught us the beautiful combos of grilled cheese and tomato soup and peanut butter and jelly. Whenever we make it, it’s just not the same as hers.
  45. Mom prays for you. She knows you need it.
  46. You love hearing her sing. Even if it’s not star quality, Mom’s voice is the best.
  47. Her smile has a way of making everything ok.
  48. For some of you, she was both Mom and Dad. Now THAT is amazing.
  49. For others of you, you weren’t birthed in her stomach, but certainly in her heart. She adopted you into her life as if you were her own.
  50. She knows you’re going to make mistakes and lets you learn on your own.
  51. She’s really good about intentionally forgetting some of those mistakes.
  52. Holidays would not be the same without her.
  53. She catches you reading under the covers at night and lets it go. Sometimes, she bends the rules.
  54. She taught you tic-tac-toe and hangman and she let you win…a lot.
  55. She still thought you were cute during your really awkward stage.
  56. She’s taught you to believe in yourself.
  57. She’s always believed in you.
  58. She’s taught you to get back up and try again.
  59. When you gave yourself a haircut, she fixed it.
  60. When you gave your sibling a haircut, she fixed it.
  61. When you gave your dog a haircut, she fixed it.
  62. She learned to love what you loved. She never liked soccer, but she learned to love it, because you loved it.
  63. Even when you make her mad, she still loves you.
  64. She helps you see the silver lining.
  65. She can tell when you need space.
  66. She asks about your boyfriend (even though she doesn’t really like him or think he’s good enough for you.)
  67. She reminds you of who you really are.
  68. Her cookies are amazing!
  69. Her bedtime stories helped you sleep better.
  70. When you became a parent, she loved your kids too.
  71. Your Mom “likes” all of your posts…even when no one else does.
  72. Now that you’re grown, you realize Mom made it look so easy.
  73. She’s the strongest woman you know.
  74. Her humor is perfect.
  75. You got your humor from her.
  76. She tried hard not to embarrass you in front of your friends.
  77. She let you get a pet and she doesn’t even like animals.
  78. Her hug is healing.
  79. She’s your defender.
  80. She’s your protector.
  81. She’s your confidant.
  82. She’ll listen to your rants and act interested.
  83. Mom was willing to watch the same movie or read the same book over and over and over. (She may have skipped a few parts in the book a few times to see if you would notice.)
  84. You’d still be wearing Velcro shoes if it weren’t for her.
  85. Moms touch things like worms, bugs and slugs if her kids really want her to.
  86. Moms are willing to let their kids have a “junk drawer” where they keep rocks, garbage, treasures, and trash they find on their adventures.
  87. Moms check under the bed every once in awhile to make sure nothing nasty is growing under there.
  88. Face it, you’d live in a pig sty if it weren’t for Mom.
  89. Moms are the best face to see right after school.
  90. Never take for granted that your Mom taught you how to go to the bathroom properly.
  91. AND, she cleaned up after you until you learned how to go to the bathroom properly.
  92. She said “no” when she didn’t want to because she knew it was better for you.
  93. Mom is always available if you really need her.
  94. She laughs at your jokes.
  95. At the doctor or the dentist, her wink, her smile, the touch of her hand…it makes everything just fine.
  96. She holds your hand.
  97. She dries your tears.
  98. She makes you feel special.
  99. Moms will do just about anything for their kids.
  100. She gives us someone to look up to, to aspire to be one day.