Easy and Delicious: 3 Ingredient Chicken Wings

Introducing Momma Chef: Bringing you fabulous recipes using less than 6 ingredients and under 6 minutes of prep time!

How easy is it to make dinner while holding a 4-year-old on your hip, calming a 7-year-old throwing a tantrum and helping a 12-year-old with his homework? Sound familiar? Well I have finally mastered a way to serve a fabulous meal with little effort and few ingredients. My recipes are simple and delicious, using no more than six ingredients and under six minutes of prep time.  It will look like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen with help from Momma Chef. Prepare to impress, starting with these easy and delicious 3 ingredient Chicken Wings!

Easy and Delicious 3 Ingredient Chicken Wings


  • 2 Pounds Chicken Wings
  • 1/3 Cup Soy Vey Veri Teriyaki Sauce
  • ½ Cup Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce


In a large baking pan mix together Soy Vey and Barbecue Sauce. Add chicken wings into pan and cover chicken in sauce. Spread chicken in single layer and bake uncovered at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, then broil for 3 minutes to get them crisp.


  • If you have any sesame allergies substitute plain Teriyaki or Soy Sauce instead of Soy Vey.
  • I use a large disposable pan (get them at Costco).
  • You can substitute wings for small chicken drummettes, which kids seem to prefer.

About Momma Chef… I am a Chicago stay-at-home mom of three active boys (ages 12, 8 and 5).  Although I often feel like I’m struggling with some aspect of parenting, my one sanctuary is the kitchen. My children liked different foods and were constantly requesting a variety of things for dinner. I used to tell them, “I am not an octopus with eight arms who can make eight different meals.” Over time, I figured out a way to make food they all love by developing easy, quick recipes. That led to the creation of my blog, Momma Chef, for parents like me. Connect with Momma Chef on Facebook!

featured photo by jayRaz via Flickr