Finding November’s Magic

It’s official. We’ve made our way through the wave of pumpkin spice everything and we are cruising through November. So…November Magic? Admittedly, November might not be the month that gets all the glory in the end of year holiday season. It just doesn’t. It doesn’t have the candy of Halloween, the inherent glory of Christmas, the bright, sparkling newness of the New Year. It’s got turkey and changing weather – the trees are pretty sad and empty. But more than anything, it’s got an attitude of gratitude!

And this year, we had the added bonus of finally getting to put this insane election season behind us. (Or so I thought. Turns out post-election isn’t much better than pre-election. No more ads, though...). As the political posts taper off, we’ve been seeing posts filled with gratitude. That alone says November Magic to me.

So maybe you’re wondering, what’s this talk of November Magic? Well, in SFM’s November Connections column that’s what our #Hashtag of the Month is all about: #SFMNovemberMagic. And that’s just what we’re here to do, help you find your November Magic.

Now, Simply Jessica gave us a Fall Family Fun Bucket List in October, but we’ll find other ways to help you find November’s Magic.

10 ways to find #NovemberMagic…

  1. Crunch those leaves! I ask, is there anything more satisfying than the sound of the perfect leaf crunching underfoot? (Nevermind that your kids will be living in heaven on earth if you pile up said leaves and have a leap-y, jump-y partay!)
  2. Pick and choose from our list of 75 Simple Ways to Be Kind in the November issue.
  3. Thanksgiving dinner being held at mom and dad’s? Surprise them by popping over early and helping with the preparations.
  4. If getting ready for Christmas all kinds of early makes your heart sing, then dang it, do it! Own it!
  5. Because there’s a Charlie Brown for everything, be sure to experience A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with the kiddos on Wednesday, November 23 on ABC.
  6. Except…a celebration of Macy’s 90th Parade will be airing on NBC in the same time slot. Hmm, DVR to the rescue?
  7. Adopt that attitude of gratitude and put your words into action. Perhaps by…
  8. Taking part in SFM’s Snowball Fight of Kindness Challenge! Let’s get the ball rolling!
  9. Start a pillow fight with your kiddos. (Clearly this doesn’t have to be restricted to November, but I’m telling you, it makes my kid’s day. Every. Time.)
  10. Participate in November 19’s Day of Play day. Plan scavenger hunts, play tag, build forts, go to the Zoo, have a “snowball” fight with marshmallows…

Find your magic.