Style in a Bag: Effortless styles for the frazzled mom

this blog is brought to you by guest contributor Zyana Morris, Health and Lifestyle blogger.

The majority of us spend somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes getting ready in the morning, on average. However, on days when you wake up late or have one of the inevitable toddler morning meltdowns, that amount of time can shrink dramatically.

We all know that, like Cher in Clueless, it’s best to get your clothes ready the night before (albeit without the computer system). Not only does this cut down on time spent scrounging in the morning (perhaps before you’ve even had your coffee – EEK!) but it also takes the worry out of putting together coordinating outfits. Prep, hang, and organize your outfits and accessories in advance and you’ll take some of the pressure out of an already stress-filled morning.

If you’re really interested in getting organized and working out the potential of your wardrobe, consider downloading the MyDressing app: it actually can make you a bit more like Cher. It requires a good amount of work on your part, but later you can mix, match, and save the outfits you create. Instead of playing games on your phone while waiting to pick up the kids from school, you can be planning and organizing new and interesting outfits.

Keep accessories organized

I love keeping my jewelry and earrings in small zipper baggies. I grab what I need to go with my outfit and hang it with the hanger the night before. Shay over at Mix and Martch Mama, explains how to keep your costume jewelry organized. Once you have everything put together in bags, just place jewelry you want to wear in a shirt or paint’s pocket every night, or hole-punch the bags at the top to place over your shirt hanger so they don’t get lost!

You can use snack and sandwich bags for larger items. Craft stores sell even smaller 2” x 3” bags for only a few cents each – if you need to save on space.

Full Steam away!

Unless you absolutely crave wearing clothes that aren't wrinkle-free, be sure that you’re hanging them up right out of the dryer to minimize prep time later. However, if you line-dry inside or out it can be impossible to get clothes, especially cotton and linen blouses and pants, completely wrinkle free.

Save the headache and invest in a clothes steamer. Steaming clothes is faster and easier than an iron, and makes quick, and dare I say even fun work, out of a tedious project.

Pack a fashion emergency bag

Keep a bag or two packed with rolled and twisted outfits that are ever at the ready should you need a quick, put-together look. While we all know we have to keep extra changes of clothes for the kids, many of us have also had the unfortunate accident with our own clothes as well.

Fret not. If you keep a wrinkle-free change of clothes in the car or backpack for yourself as well, you’ll always be prepared for the inevitable fashion disaster.

Here are some mom-friendly essentials that you can literally throw in a bag and keep at the ready- year round.

Broomstick skirts

Broomstick skirts work best if you let them dry all wrinkled and twisted. Keeping them folded up in your emergency bag is a great way to maximize space while taking advantage of the simple, effortless, bohemian style trend.

Knit skirt

A ribbed knit maxi skirt is another great skirt staple that is essentially wrinkle-free. Be sure to keep it rolled, not stuffed, to ensure a clean neat look. Invest in a few deeper-hued jewel-colored bottoms to keep your wardrobe fall-fresh.

Wrinkle free soft tees

Made from modal and other blends these are the simple perfect top for a pulled together outfit. Remember to keep them rolled, not folded.


For fall, add in a rolled cashmere sweater to slip over thinner blouses and add warmth if needed on a crisp morning. These are an essential for your go-to effortless outfit bag.

 Ballet flats

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a pair of shoes that pinched part way through the day, you may also want to add in a pair of ballet flats to your bag as well. These are perfect if you only have a small amount of space in your bag. A pair of foldable, cushioned leather flats from Tieks, are a great addition.

Embrace the natural makeup look

If you haven’t fallen in love with your own no-fuss beauty routine yet, pick at least a few days a week to simplify your makeup routine. This will give you some time to practice and perfect your 3-5 minute routine.

Aim for fresh and easy bright lipstick or tinted lip gloss, plumping mascara (ditch the liner), and a few streaks of highlights on your cheekbones. This will leave you looking fresh and glowing, without the need for lots of maintenance later.

With some planning ahead, simplified routines, and disaster management stashes, you’re sure to always have outfits at the ready on days where there’s just not enough time.