Tips for keeping baby cool and comfortable during hot summer months

Believe it or not, babies and summertime can coexist — you just have to know what you are doing. Keeping baby safe from the sun’s harmful rays is of the utmost importance. Keeping baby cool and comfortable is equally as important. Not only for baby, but also for your own sanity. Have you ever attempted to enjoy an outing with a miserably hot baby? Ain’t gonna happen. So what can we do to keep them safe and happy?

Here are a few tips and tricks #forkeepingbabycool.

  • Choose the right clothing for baby. Overdress a baby and she can develop an angry heat rash. Overexpose a baby and she is at a greater risk for damaging sunburn or heatstroke. Overheating has also been linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Scary! So dress your littles in loose-fitting, lightweight clothing of a natural fiber like cotton. Don’t forget a wide-brimmed hat! And keep in mind that harmful rays can still penetrate the clouds on a gloomy, gray day.
  • Babies don’t perspire as effectively as their adult counterparts. Which means she can overheat a lot faster. NEVER leave baby in a too hot room, or a parked car. The temperature in the car can climb to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes.
  • Using an infant carrier? Make sure it’s a summer weight carrier — choose something made from lightweight nylon, nothing too heavy. Between your body heat and the confining space, baby can get too hot rather quickly. If her face is flushed, remove her from the carrier immediately.
  • Plan outdoor time wisely, and always look for shade. Common sense says taking baby out into the heat of the day probably isn’t very smart. Early in the morning or later in the evening tend to be cooler — venture out accordingly (when possible). Once out-and-about, look for shade. You are the only person who can protect baby’s skin. Make sure you take your job very seriously. Sunglasses for baby are also a great idea. (Plus they are super cute!)
  • Sunscreen is a MUST if you are going to be out in direct sunlight. The American Academy of Pediatrics now says it’s okay to apply a minimal amount of sunscreen to baby’s delicate skin (even her face). Babies older than six months need to wear sunscreen of at least an SPF 15 at all times, and even under clothing.
  • Painful diaper rash is common during the hot summer months. Make sure you change baby’s diaper regularly to avoid blistering her precious baby bottom.

Got any other helpful tips for keeping baby cool during the hot summer months? We’d love to hear! Feel free to share in the comments section below, and don’t forget to tag us in yours (and your little cuties’) photos using the hashtag #SFMsummerfun! Stay cool and safe out there! It’s sure to be a SCORCHER!

About the author…After three blissful years in the Treasure State, Jessica recently moved back to Houston, Texas with her hunky husband and her three precious little girls, Savannah Leigh, Emma Kate, and Brooklyn Olivia. Jessica is a small business owner with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and a nerd-like love for political science. She is passionate about writing, marketing, social media management, and this wonderfully beautiful mess we call parenthood.