For all the Dads

Although fathers have only had their own recognized holiday since 1910, they have played an integral part in childhood development since the very first father existed. The timeline on that may be arguable, but the importance of a father’s role in his children’s lives is not. Many men have had the good fortune of becoming a father, but to be a dad is a whole other thing. A thing that takes patience, a sense of humor, dedication, and a skill set not for the weak of heart. How do you know if you are a father, as opposed to a dad? Well, have you ever…
  • Woken up many, many nights in a row to the cry of a tiny hungry baby, only to have your heart melted every single time you pick her up for her 2 AM feeding?
  • Changed a diaper so horrible the smell could melt the wallpaper off the wall?
  • Kissed a boo-boo?
  • Played dress up?
  • Played with dolls (whether they are GI Joes or Barbies is irrelevant)?
  • Come up with a speech designed to make things perfectly clear for your little girl’s first date even though she’s only two?
  • Watched cartoon movies over and over?
  • Played Santa Claus?
  • Taught a child how to…. Ride a bike? Shoot a bb gun? Climb a tree? Fish? Drive? Etc…
  • Held your ground through a fit after you told him/her no?
  • Gave in during a fit after your told him/her no?
  • Been there throughout the years, during good times and bad?
  • Listened?
  • Been overly protective?
  • Felt sad or fearful for a child when they were sad or fearful?

The list goes on, but if you answered yes to some of the questions above, congratulations! The children whose lives you have impacted are fortunate. You may be the biological or adopted father, or maybe an uncle. Perhaps you are a grandfather, family friend, or teacher. However this lucky child came to be in your life, never underestimate your importance and lifelong influence. Well done. And Happy Father’s Day!

A tip for mom: Looking for a unique and cool gift for dad? Check out the 30 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Shark Tank on Forbes website. http://www.forbes.com/sites/trangho/2016/06/07/30-best-fathers-day-gift-ideas-from-shark-tank/   There really is something for everyone. (This year Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 19, 2016).