DIY: Wood Slice Chalkboard

Pulled from the pages of the June 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine, get the how-to on creating this lovely wood slice chalkboard, found in '5 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside.' 

In the spirit of tree houses, campouts and the great outdoors, I thought it would be loads of fun to create a wood slice chalkboard. This is such a super simple DIY that would also make an excellent gift! Hang it inside or out and customize it as you wish. Here is how to re-create your own.


  • Wood slice (purchased at Hobby Lobby)/ Chalkboard paint/
  • Paint brush/ Twine/ Drill/ Chalk, chalk marker or chalk pencil


  1. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint vertically to the wood slice. Try to keep an even margin around the outside.

  1. Hang wherever you wish and enjoy your handmade, wood slice chalkboard!

Try using colored paint such as Martha Stewart Crafts Chalkboard paint to change up the look. If you’re stumped (no pun intended) on what to write on the chalkboard, check online for chalk art ideas there are tons! Enjoy every minute of the great outdoors in beautiful Montana!