Dad Humor: There’s nothing quite like it

Dads. They have their own special brand of humor, don’t they? I don’t know if this is something that is innate or learned; if you have to have so many years of fatherhood under your belt before these lovely pearls, these dadisms come flowing readily off the tongue. Regardless, that dad humor is there, lurking in the wings, waiting to be unleashed upon their unsuspecting children.

For example, if my siblings or I make the mistake of choosing this particular phrasing with my dad the response is almost always guaranteed:

Kid: “Hey Dad, how’re you feeling?”

Dad: “Ohhh, with my fingers.”

You can feel how funny he thinks he is over the phone. I love it.

So in honor of Father’s Day and the unique brand of humor that screams DAD, we’ve decided to compile the best of the best (okay, the groan-worthy of the groan-worthiest) dad jokes.

Kid: “I’m huuuuungry!”

Dad: “Hi Hungry! Nice to meet you; I’m Dad!”

Taking things to Level: Pro

Kid: “Dad, I’m serious.”

Dad: “I thought you were Hungry?”

Kid: “Are you kidding me?”

Dad: “No, I’m Dad.”

  • Kid: “Your hair looks nice, did you get a haircut?”
  • Dad: “No, I got all of ‘em cut.”

  • Kid: “Hey dad, can you make me a sandwich?”
  • Dad: “Abracadabra, you are a sandwich.”

    -via ‘Dad Joke Survivors,’ 9gag.com

  • Kid: “Hold on, I have something in my shoe.”
  • Dad: “…I’m pretty sure it’s your foot.”

    -via ‘The 25 Best Dad Jokes Ever’

Dad: “I had a twin bed when I was a kid. But it didn’t look anything like me. #DadHumor”  -via @jeffhamrick, Twitter

  • Kid: “Hey Dad, you know what’s cool?”
  • Dad: “Ice?’

Whenever his offspring leaves the house:

“Remember, if you need anything…Go to the store.” –via BuzzFeed

And finally, bringing it full circle from ’34 of the funniest dad jokes ever’

“A proud new dad sits down to have a drink with his father:

‘Well son, now that you’ve got a kid of your own, I think it’s time to give you this.’

‘Dad, you don’t mean-‘

‘Yes, son, I do.'

‘Dad…I’m honored…,’ he says, tears sparkling in his eyes.

‘Hi, Honored,’ replies his father. ‘I’m dad.’”

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