Ready, set...#SFMgo! Get outside with SFM's Geocache challenge

Are you ready to get outside and have some fun as a family? Simply Family Magazine and Billings Parks & Rec invite you to get outside as a family and get Geocaching! To participate is simple (check out the step-by-step below). Registration is FREE and if you register by May 20 you'll be eligible for prizes we'll be drawing for at Get Outside Montana's kickoff event on June 11! To get the ball rolling on your registration head over to Billings Parks & Rec's website and when you search "simply family" or the activity "#9025", scroll down to find the "Simply Family Geocaching Event," click on it and register away! Just don't forget to tag us in on your adventures with #SFMgo! Read on for all the details...

P.S. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back, check out this guide to Geocaching to get you started!