Earth Day Treats and Sweets: Super Easy Sugar Cookies

Earth Day is April 22. I am always on the lookout for fun and easy ways to celebrate these various (Spring) holidays with my little cuties. Savannah is three and a half, and Emma Kate recently turned two — which means I usually try to keep our celebrations relatively simple. These Earth Day Sugar Cookies definitely fit the bill. And it really doesn’t hurt that I am pregnant, and they are delicious! We had so much fun making these together, and I have no doubt that you will, too! You could even change up the color scheme for other holidays. The possibilities are endless.

 Here’s how you make them.

  • Can I make a confession? I used a package of store bought sugar cookie dough to make these cookies. Don’t judge me. I say why the heck not? They taste delicious (probably better than anything I could have made from scratch), and this saves me major time. As mamas we are insanely busy. I say a shortcut — from time to time — never hurt anyone. But if you want to make your dough from scratch, have at it girl!
  • Divide the cookie dough (store bought or homemade) into two equal halves. Add a couple of drops of blue food coloring to one half of the dough, and a couple of drops of green food coloring to the other half.
  • Preheat your oven to the recommended temperature (usually 350 degrees). Grease a baking sheet, and start molding the dough together into “globe” shaped cookies. They don’t have to be perfect! The desired affect is pretty easily achieved without too much effort. In other words, take a chill pill mamas! This is supposed to be fun! Wink. This is also a great way to get the little ones involved. Just make sure the raw cookie dough doesn’t end up in their mouths!
  • Bake following the directions on the package of cookie dough (or following your favorite homemade sugar cookie dough recipe instructions). Let them cool completely and enjoy!

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day with your family? Are you baking? Crafting? Going on a nature hike? Launching that long-overdue recycling plan? We’d love to see! Make sure to tag us in your pictures shared to social media using the hashtag #sfmearthday!