Earth Day DIY: Reclaimed Bath Tub Shelf

Not all DIY projects are complicated and drawn out; that would be pretty daunting.  If you’re a bath lover and in need of a quick project this Earth Day (or any day, really), this reclaimed wood bath caddy is right up your alley.

DIY: Reclaimed Bath Tub Shelf

To create a shelf to hold soap, a book, and perhaps a glass of wine, you’ll need:

-At least one board measuring six inches in width.  Depending on the look you’re going for, you can use a variety of wood species.  I like cedar because it’s naturally more water resistant, but use what you like (and possibly have already).  Feel free to grab two or three smaller ones, or even add a second for a 12 inch wide shelf.

-Two 2 inch or so wide strips of ¾ inch thick wood, to create edges to prevent the shelf from falling in.

-One and ¼ inch long screws.

-120 and 220 grit sandpaper.

-Stain (optional) and Teak or mineral oil, to build up a water resistant coating.

Start by measuring the inside and outside dimensions of your bath tub.  My master bath claw foot tub is 29 inches inside and 35 from outer edge to outer edge, so I cut my board to 36 inches.

Then I cut two strips of cedar at 2 inches wide and placed each 3 ½ inches from either end, screwing into place from the underside.

Assembly is finished!  Now, sand every surface thoroughly first with 120, then follow up with 220 grit paper.  With the surface smooth and splinter free, apply a coat of stain, if desired.  My go to wood sealing product has been Teak oil lately.  It’s easy to apply (and reapply later on, or if damage occurs) and build up to protect the wood.  At least two coats are adequate, but more never hurts.  Now go ahead and draw a hot bath, grab a book, and enjoy that quick project.