What if…You found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

pulled from the pages of the March 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine

What if…

Two little words that open the doors to endless possibilities. What if you could climb to the top of a rainbow? What if once you made it to the top of that rainbow you could experience the most glorious slide down the most colorful chute and at the end…A pot of gold? That elusive, most dreamed upon pot of gold just itching to be discovered at the end of the rainbow.

What if we asked Treba Hollowell’s first grade class at Independent School what they would do if they found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…

  • I would sell it and get money back and buy stuff.  Maybe a new bike. -Aiden
  • I would help the poor get more money. -Gracelyn
  • I don't know. I think I would take it home. I would make it into money. -Jace
  • I would steal it from the rainbow and the leprechaun. Then I would buy a bunch of toys. I would buy the biggest unicorn in the world. -Brelynn
  • I would leave it because it belongs to the leprechauns. -Tyler
  • I don't know. I would take the gold and put it in my piggy bank. If it was just chocolate it would melt in my room like all my other chocolate. -Olivia
  • I would take the pot home and give it to other people that need money. -Haydyn
  • Probably buy something that was really expensive like a tablet because my mom bought a tablet and it was $200. -Boston
  • I would tell everybody and go back and get it. I would bring it home and show my parents.  I don't know what I would do then. -Sophia
  • I would be excited!!!  Then I would be rich!!! I would spend my money on toys. -Stella
  • I would pick it up and give it to my best friends. I would keep a lot. I would give it to the bank and since gold is very expensive I would get a lot of money. I would keep a little gold. -Brady
  • I would take it and say, "No leprechauns, No!" Then I would bring it to the class and tell them I found a pot of gold! I would give everyone six coins from the pot of gold. -Kimber
  • If someone was homeless, I would give them all the money they would need. And, every day that it rained I would get another pot of gold and give it to more homeless people. I would keep a little and buy a home for myself too. -Luke
  • I would keep it and look at it.  I wouldn't spend any of it or give it away. -Jacobi
  • Eat it if it were chocolate. If it were real I would keep it and put it in my house and decorate my house with it. -Tavynn
  • Take some and give it to some people. I would buy a couple of new games. I want the Star Wars game. -Kaden

May you and your families let your imaginations run wild as you hop on board the “what if” train and play the #SFMendoftherainbowgame throughout March!