A community that cares!

There are no guarantees in this crazy life we live and 15-year-old Arianna knows a thing or two about this. This past week, she travelled to Seattle Children’s Hospital for her third brain surgery. She had hopes of being back in Billings next week to celebrate her younger brother’s birthday and make him a cake.  The plan changed once she arrived and found out she will have to be in Seattle for much longer than a week. Her surgery will require more than a few days for recovery and she is expected to be there for around a month.

As parents, given the choice, we would gladly take our child’s pain upon ourselves. Unfortunately that's a choice not typically given. If you have healthy children, thank God and if not, you know how much the efforts of others means in times of testing such as these. The Billings community along with Candy Town USA partnered to raise funds for Arianna a few weeks ago with much success. The “Tag the Bag” and counter jar raised about $2,500.00 for Arianna’s medical expenses. Upon hearing the news of her extended stay in Seattle, Candy Town decided to raise funds once again.

This Saturday, March 19th Candy Town USA will donate 20% of all sales to Arianna’s family. Please stop by and support this precious girl and her family on their trying journey.  If you’re unable to make it on Saturday they also plan to keep a jar on the counter for the duration of her stay in Seattle. We, as a compassionate community, can help by donating money, messages, cards and prayers! We are rooting for you Arianna!

For more information, check out Candy Town USA’s Facebook page.

Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny. C.S. Lewis