Valentine’s Day: The pup’s perspective

Ah, Valentine’s Day…Some love it, others are indifferent, while even more claim to have downright “Bah, Lovebug”-type feelings about this heartfelt holiday, and then there are the fur babies. It doesn’t take much to make that member of your family a happy camper – on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, really. So we wondered, what might your pup be hoping for on Valentine’s Day this year? Let’s do some imagining together…

Valentine's Day: The Pup's Perspective

  • Be loyal to me like I’m loyal to you – don’t you come home smelling of other dogs – especially on Valentine’s Day!
    • But if someone rubs my tummy or my ears…Don’t judge me, you don’t know!

  • Pup: Mistletoe! I will give you all the kisses!!! Human: Whoa! Mistletoe is a Christmas thing, wrong holiday! Pup: You are always under the mistletoe! Merry Valentine’s Day!
  • If you didn’t mean for those delicious new, chewy shoes to be my gift, then why did you clearly leave them for me tucked deep in your closet??
    • Ohhh, the brand new bone, wrapped in a bow…that was for me? My bad.

  • Pup: You know how chocolate as a gift is a big thing on Valentine’s Day? Human: Um, yeees… Pup: So you actually don’t love me - all those times you rubbed my fur with all the, ‘Who’s a good boy?! Who loves the good boy?!’ were just a lie, then? You know I can’t have chocolate! Human: No! That’s not— I didn’t— It wasn’t…I’m sorry.
  • Okay, except for the chocolate then, I know you will want to share ALL THE FOOD with me.
  • Let’s go to the park and play…Or go on a walk…Or play catch in the house (I won’t tell mom if you won’t).
  • You are my most favorite person, did you know what I really – SQUIRREL!
  • Let’s snuggle…And if you wanted to rub my ears, I won’t be mad.

Happy Valentine’s Day!