The Fieldhouse Cafe Creamed Corn Recipe

from the pages of the September 2015 issue of Simply Family Magazine. Check out the digital edition, here!

photos by jana graham photography

Tucked away on Minnesota Avenue in downtown Billings, The Fieldhouse Café aims for quality, serving up a large portion of local fine dining. Entering the crisp, clean establishment, one immediately takes note of the environment which hums quietly with friendly wait staff and talented kitchen crew. It’s contemporary meets rustic and for Ben and Krystal Harman, it’s a dream come true.

Ben, a Culinary Arts graduate who grew up in Billings, became inspired to breathe new life into the building space when his mother, who owns the property, struggled to find an interested business to take root. Sure he was quick to recognize why this location might not be ideal; however, three and a half years later, The Fieldhouse Café has stood out as a Certified Green Restaurant, with a Farm to Table approach.

There’s a garden out back that Ben, his father, and Krystal tend to.  Produce from the garden along with community partnerships such as Market Day Foods in Bozeman, Drange Apiaries in Laurel, Seder Ridge Turkey Farm in Ballantine, and an advocate in the Heights with her own personal garden all help supply the menu items Ben creates. One of the greatest challenges is hoping life and Mother Nature cooperate and the crops thrive. Specials at The Fieldhouse Café depend on the available products, which allows Ben to be creative but at the same time means the menu is always evolving. Even if the menu flows with the change of seasons and supplies, the focus is on consistency and pricing so that dinners have a local, enjoyable experience.

The partnerships do not stop with suppliers; as food scraps are given back to one of Billings own Community Gardens for the use of compost. Any used oil is left out for a gentleman that uses it as a fuel source on his farm. In addition, The Fieldhouse Café is starting a wine flight series in September where wineries will send a representative to meet with 20 – 30 patrons at dinner. This event will run for five weeks, starting September 1st. (More information can be found online www.thefieldhousemt.com, Facebook or Instagram.)

For Ben, Krystal and the newest Harman, three-month-old Harlan, this is an adventure-one that is growing rapidly thanks in part to their loyal following. The Fieldhouse Café is attractive to a wide variety of diners, not just to those that are health conscious or have severe food allergies. It is a place for everyone to gather, where the menu items do not have any hidden ingredients and the service is one of a kind. Anything from a great weekend brunch, to an intimate dining experience or change of location for lunch, The Fieldhouse Café will leave your taste buds satisfied, so check them out, 2601 Minnesota Avenue. sfm