Skin Care: Know Your Ingredients-Niacinamide

guest blog by KayDel Shelton

The Myrtle Leaf: All Natural Skin Care

Skin care is more than just putting a product on your face. We live in a time where we’re constantly reading labels and actively seeking to know more about the things we’re putting in our bodies, but what about what we’re putting on our skin? Most women do not think about the ingredients in their skin care products. In the 16 years I have made The Myrtle Leaf products, I have attempted to empower women to make healthy decisions about skin care so that, A) they can enjoy healthy radiant skin as they age and B) they do not waste their money on ineffective and possibly harmful skin care products. This month’s ingredient spotlight is on Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide.

Niacinamide is an excellent addition to your anti-aging products as it improves the health of the skin in several ways:

  • Increases fatty acids levels in the skin
  • Stimulates micro-circulation in the dermis and prevents it from losing water
  • Increases protein synthesis and strengthens the skin
  • Reduces wrinkling and helps to even skin color and lighten hyperpigmentation
  • Soothes inflammation and helps prevents breakout and redness

Niacinamide is water-soluble but when combined with oils in skin care formulations it penetrates beautifully into the skin leaving it soft and vibrant!

Look for Niacinamide in the following Myrtle Leaf products:

  • Blissful Day Hydrating Facial Mist - Savvy
  • Smooth and Clear Perfecting Toner - Spontaneous
  • Restored Radiance Day Serum - Savvy
  • Rich Moisture Butter w/ CoQ10 - Savvy
  • Light & Fresh Facial Moisturizer - Spontaneous

About the Author…KayDel Shelton has been formulating all natural skin care products for over 15 years here in Montana.  She started her company to meet her own skin care needs after exhausting her options in the market place.  Eight years ago, she and her family moved from Kalispell to Billings where she now lives with her husband of 25 years, Randy.  After nearly 16 years building a successful business, KayDel continues to make each and every product herself with the freshest ingredients at maximum potency to ensure her customers and herself safe, effective skin care products.  KayDel continuously scrutinizes beauty industry making her an excellent source of information regarding skin care ingredients, formulations and applications.  She can be reached by emailing info@myrtleleaf.com or by calling 406-839-0166.