Travel Fails: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Earlier this week SFM blogger, Rebekah Rae, gave us some great tips for getting through a family road trip with sanity intact – or at least tips to getting things off on the right foot. Today, because it’s Friday - and who doesn’t like a little fun (or funny) on Fridays - we’re heading to the very other end of the spectrum. We’re talking those times when road trips/vacations go bad - travel fails to be exact. Or if we’re going to be true to the times: #TravelFails.

(Some of these yours truly experienced first-hand, others come from family/friends tales)

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan… #TravelFails

1. There are plenty of times when you hit the road and you get from point A to point B, no problems. And then there are those times when your tire falls off… #TravelFail

2. Long hours in the car with kids, what could go wrong? Well, your older brother could stick peanuts up your nose, for one thing. (Bet mom was wishing she wasn’t flying solo on that road trip)… #TravelFail

3. When the kids start their summer vacation to Yellowstone Park in the ball pit at Burger King because the motorhome dies a mile away from home. Good times until that one kid started licking all those plastic balls… #TravelFail

4. Some folks can’t wait to set up tents or hitch on to the camper only to have great outdoor adventures. And then there are the times when a mouse decides to take up residence in your van. And have babies…Under the seat. (At least it wasn’t in the tent)… #TravelFail

5. There you are traveling joyfully along when suddenly someone’s little tummy is not feeling so hot. Note to self: paper to-go bags from the drive-thru, not a handy puke catcher… #TravelFail

6. Remember that time you were trying to drive to Bremerton, WA and you accidentally drove to the Canadian border? Oh, was that just me… #TravelFail

7. You know you've tried every last ounce of dad's patience when his loudly complaining, “desperately starving” kids yell, “Hey! There’s a Taco Bell!” and he didn’t even notice that median until he drove over it… #TravelFail

There you have it seven travel fails to tickle your funny bone this Friday (or whenever you happened to mosey your way to this corner of the web). Share your #TravelFails in the comments or @simplyfamilymag #TravelFails on Twitter!