Top 7 2nd Grade Lessons Learned

May 2015 | by rebecca stewart

We’ve arrived at that time of year when we look back at mom’s lessons learned during the school year, a tradition begun back at the end of my girl’s kindergarten year. While her lessons continue in the form of gaining all kinds of educational awesomeness, what it means to navigate friendships, and a growing realization of “Yes I can!” My big realization wasn’t quite "growing" so much as it slammed into me when my mom recently asked me, “When will Abby and Grady graduate? What year?” (G would be our girl’s cousin counterpart). As a mom who’s constantly searching for life’s pause button, I didn’t readily have an answer for her. So we did the math.

Ten years. In ten years our baby girl will graduate high school, and embark on this crazy journey called adulthood. As a child ten years might as well be an eternity, but we know better, don’t we? So it’s with the class of 2025 firmly planted in my mind that I take my annual trip down memory lane, and give you the top 7 lessons this mama learned during this 2nd grade school year…

7. After starting from scratch on the buddies-in-class front in 1st grade, I can say with the utmost confidence that it makes a big difference – HUGE – having an already established buddy or two in class. A serious thank you to whomever read this mama’s ramblings in the end of year survey and made that happen.

6. The trading game is a whole thing in second grade. Right now my kid is in the throes of trading this, that, and the other thing for Shopkins. (I don’t get the fascination, but these little rubber thingamajigs are the thing to have). Beyond that, our aforementioned cousin counterpart has been busily trading his Pokémon cards for LHS Trading Cards. It just goes to show – high school students (not that I expect you to be reading this, but…), you are such examples to these little ones, strive to be worthy of their awe.

5. Second grade funny bones are apparently more readily accessible than 4th graders’. I had the opportunity to go and talk about my work and also read a few books to all the 2nd grade classes in Laurel and one 4th grade class…Never have I worked so hard for laughs as I did with that 4th grade class, people. Best days ever, but I’m telling you, I earned every last one of those laughs.

4. Watching my child develop friendships with kiddos who seemingly love her with every little fiber of their being and vice versa, is incredible. I can’t help but wonder if this is the year that these friendships stick…Can I get a #LifelongFriends ??

3. Her cousin in the 3rd grade trumps mom in the land of homework. Every time. Apparently mom could not possibly know more than a 9 year old. Seriously child? (I know I don’t claim to be a solid homework helper, but come on, have a little faith in the grown up, please!)

2. Chaperoning the big museum field trip, two things: 1) 2nd graders are so awesome – especially when they adorably, yet incorrectly use the word “selfies” all day. 2) Being the mother of an only child, I can safely say keeping eyes on one active peanut is waaay easier/less stressful than six. It’s possible I did body counts every 10 seconds.

1. Once again the number 1 spot is reserved for my girl’s teacher. What an incredible blessing it has been to once again have a teacher who not only “gets” my kid, but one who does everything in her power to put her in a position to succeed. She has created such a nurturing learning environment that when asked if she’s excited for summer, my girl says no because she’s not ready for this year with this teacher and this class to end. Thank you teachers who go the extra mile for your students, you’ll probably never know how appreciated you are.

If last year was a lesson in coping with tears and fears, 2nd grade was all about seeing our girl come into her own. You could actually see the difference in her fall photo – she exuded confidence. I get misty just thinking about it...So here’s to another year of growth and learning; we’ll see you in 3rd grade!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful summer! What are some of the lessons you learned this school year?